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bigjay517 05-26-2010 12:11 PM

Angel Fry Powdered Food
My fry just started free swimming this morning, but my BBS are not ready yet. I ran to my local fish store and the owner sold me powder he uses with his angel fry. He called it APR or something like that. He said to mix a little with water and use an eye dropper to squirt it into the tank. I can't tell if the fry are eating it or if I am doing it right. Anyone have any tips or have you even heard of this powder?

kitten_penang 07-09-2010 09:53 AM

use a magnifier when you feed them.

LisaC144 07-09-2010 10:13 AM

Wow cool! My angelfish laid their first batch of eggs but they got eaten by my rummynose tetras as soon as they became wigglers. Little rascals! I bought this food by Hakari called "Little Bites". It's a powder and sounds similar to the stuff you bought. I would just add a little at a time and see if it starts diappearing then add a little more. If it disappears as you're adding it, I would assume it's in the fry's belly ;-)

P.S. Welcome to the forum!!

TankMAster 07-10-2010 06:49 AM

I've used many foods when raising fry. Be it born from an egg or live born.

I've found a really good food is powdered cichlid pellets mixed with powdered flakes. I used a medicine mixer to get a fine powder as fine as flour.

This can be mixed into a liquid to be fed to egg hatched fry or fed in the powder form to liver born fry.

The growth rate with this mix was amazing. Molly fry grew to 1.5cm in a week or so.

Off-course, the pellets I used were a Local bulk type brand, repackaged by the LFS. The flake food was also a local brand called Marltons but I guess any good tropical flake food works.

You might be able to get faster growth with the trusted brands sold Globally.

Anyway. Fry will eat anything tiny enough. I read about green water but not so sure it's a healthy start for any fish.

Hope all goes well with your angelfish fry. My angels are apparently both females...I really wanted to get fry from them. :(


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