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Godmadefish 05-24-2010 10:12 PM

Aquarium soft water pillow
My aquarium water is at 300! I'm trying to find the easiest solution, any suggestions? I thought about a soft water pillow, but does anyone know how long they last in a 10 gallon?

iamntbatman 05-25-2010 02:48 AM

Why are you trying to soften your water? What species of fish are you keeping? Some thrive in harder water.

Godmadefish 05-25-2010 08:17 AM

I have a guppy, a platy, three zebra danios, and a white cloud minnow. The water hardness has caused my ph and alkalinity to get way too low, and my nitrates and nitrites are going up. I'm treating with nitrate/nitrite remover and ph balancer, but as long as the water is hard, it can only do so much.

zof 05-25-2010 03:06 PM

I'm confused, PH getting low? with such hard water I thought it would lean towards the high side? Then again I am still learning about all this too. It sounds like you are in a losing battle but not sure against what, is your tank cycled? And what are your water parameters? Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites actual PH level. Do you have anything in the tank such as rocks or wood not bought from a pet store? What are you dosing the tank with? How often do you do a partial water change? The more information you can give the better everyone here can assist you.

Godmadefish 05-25-2010 10:19 PM

I do a 10 to 20 percent water change a week, which worked great when I lived where there was soft water. My ph is 6.2 I think, I've forgotten the exact number for the alkalinity but because the ph is so low, its at its lowest "acidic" level, the nitrates and nitrites are around .20,so far ammonia is at 0. I am treating it with amquel plus and API proper ph 7.0(this product says any hardness over 100 will effect the ph, which in turn effects the alkalinity, and so on.)
I haven't done anything different or added anything different than normal, but I recently moved in with my grandparents, and I guess they just have really hard water, whereas my water from my old house was only at 25.

iamntbatman 05-26-2010 03:34 AM

What's the pH of your tap water?

I would advise against using the pH-altering chemicals. All of the fish you have do well (in the case of the livebearers, prefer to live) in hard water, so these chemicals, combined with the softener, are going to lower your hardness and pH. If the tap water is hard to begin with, the pH is probably greater than 7.0, which should be fine for the fish you have.

Godmadefish 05-26-2010 08:19 AM

Well I have to do something, because the water hardness will just keep messing with all of the other levels in my tank. My fish are obviously stressed because of the nitrate/nitrite rises, and I want to fix this as soon as possible. So far all I've found online is the soft water pillow, I just am not sure how well it works+how often I would need to change it.

Godmadefish 05-26-2010 08:21 AM

My fish thrived and were very happy and healthy in the softer water, I'd really like to bring this hardness down.

JouteiMike 05-26-2010 01:59 PM

I have to agree with iamntbatman on this one. It is best not to use pH altering chemicals. It is nothing more than an uphill battle. Your fish should be able to adjust fine with your new water.

I am also curious what the pH of your tap water is, because like stated, will most likely be fine for your fish.

Godmadefish 05-26-2010 02:13 PM

The ph is 6.2 to, very acidic.

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