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joe1992w 05-24-2010 03:15 PM

Ich help
I have a 36" x 18" x 12" aquarium, stocked with 6 male guppies, 16 female guppies, 4 mollies, 1 juvenile rainbow shark, 1 assassin snail and a shed load of pond snails.
one of my mollies (black, regular sort) displayed a few white spots on his head and upper body and as i do not have a second tank i couldn;t simply remove him unless i wanted to flush him, needles to say i didn't flush him and his spots disapeared but today i have noticed they have reurned, he is currently swimming happily in a bucket with a bubbler and i am using prime to keep ammonia, nitrite and nitrates low but i don't have a heater.

I've now figured i'm just going to return him to my tank and treat the entire tank for ich, but my tank has only been fully cycled for little over 3 weeks and i don't want any meds that will ruin the bio filter or my live plants if possible,

Could anyone suggest a full course of action that i could impliment ASAP!
hopefully it would be the least invasive but still effective method of treating Ich,
if you have read all of this post and i know it is a long one thanks and i would appreciate any help you could offer!

i have read that ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels could be important
Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0 - 0.25PPM
Nitrate 10 - 20ppm

aunt kymmie 05-24-2010 11:45 PM

If it's ich your entire tank had been exposed and it doesn't make any sense to treat just one fish, apart from the others.

I know Kordon's Rid-Ich + won't harm your biofilter. I've had to use it twice with no ill effect. It worked and didn't harm anything in my tank. Granted, my tank was cycled, but considering it won't harm the biofilter I'm pretty sure it won't disrupt your cycle but others will need to concur.

Here's a great article on Ich:

Good luck!

joe1992w 05-25-2010 05:08 PM

okay so i have my heater set at 26 c which is around 79F for everyone else here
i have begun treating my entire tank with King british WS3 which seems to have good reviews anf my LFS highly recomended it over the more expensive sorts.

as mentioned before my tank dimensions are 36" x 18" x 12" which i believe gives me a volume of just under 130 litres.
the dosage says 1ml for 90 litres of water, i figured by the time i have taken into account volume of water lost for gravel plants heater filter etc i'm closer to 110L

since i have a rainbow shark i am dosing at 3/4 of recomended so my initial dose was a little over 1.2ml

My LFS strongly advised that after i have treated it i add a little aquarium salt to make my water a littly brackish to help fend a re infection off, would my shark be able to tolerate a small amount of salt?

also higher tempretures are reportedly better for fighting ich how much higher can i safely take it when i'm only 3/4 dosing and the recomended period for my medicine is 10 days at full dosage.

am i better to wait it out at my current tempreture or raise it and hopefully reduce exposer time to the medicine.

all fish are still looking healthy except the molly i was concerned about

Lastly my medicine contains " Malachite green (4% soloution) 10.0% w/w, Acriflavine 0.05% w/w, and quinine sulphate 0.04% w/w"

What are the chances of it harming my biofilter?


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