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KeshiaB 07-28-2014 08:59 PM

Looking for opinions/suggestions on planned re-scape...
I also have this thread in the Betta section of this site:


Originally Posted by KeshiaB (Post 4863042)
I wrote a thread on re-scaping my aquarium a couple of days ago but now that I have a plan I was hoping to get some opinions. I would like to create a sort of ‘mountain’ or ‘tree’ type aquascape, something along these lines:

Attachment 402050

This is my current setup:

Attachment 402042

Attachment 402034

Attachment 402018

Attachment 402010

My sad looking Bacopa and Hygrophila...

Attachment 402026

And these are the rocks and additional piece of wood I’m thinking of buying (assuming they are OK to have in the tank with my VT Betta):

Pisces Seiryu Stone

Pisces Malaysian Driftwood

My current plants include Lace Fern, Java Moss, 2 Crypts and some pathetic looking Bacopa and Hygrophila. I plan to build up the rocks and place the wood on top, then let moss grow over the rocks and wood, and hopefully figure out some way to include the rest of my plants. I have considered scrapping the Bacopa and Hygrophila as it’s just not growing very well (as you can see it’s stunted and a lot of the leaves are dead).

So I’m looking for suggestions / opinions on the planned setup in general; how I can put this all together; and how I can incorporate my current plants into the planned setup… Thoughts?

Aquatic life 08-03-2014 05:00 PM

The new setup looks nice go for it

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