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eileen 05-20-2010 12:44 PM

Converting to Sand, Sand sale/ Costco Container for QT or Nano tank
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I just wanted to post this if anyone wants to convert their tanks from gravel to sand. I saw this in the Newspaper today that The Home Depot has a sale on Play Sand this week dated from May 20- May 26 2010.It's the Quikrete premium play sand for $3.87 for 50 lbs reg. price was $4.75. If you want to use a courser sand I bought pool filter sand from Lesle's Pool supply for $11 for 50lbs. Just make sure you rinse it well in a bucket before adding to your tank. It takes alot of rinsing but is worth the look. The sand will make the tank cloudy for a day or so. Just run the filter after you are done and rinse out the filter pad over the next couple of days and the water should clear up. I posted a couple of pictures of my pool filter tank below, and Costco container I got.

I also want to inform some of you that I got a nice plastic container fom Costco that had Pretzels in it. It measures 11" H x 8 1/2" W diameter at it's widest and bottom is 6" wide. This is big enough even for a sick Angelfish. I plan on using this container for a QT tank when needed. As most medications want the carbon out while using medications anyways. Less medication then using a bigger tank.They will be in this container only for a week or so if you have sick fish or have new fish before adding them to the main tank. I filled it up with water to see how many gal. it holds and it is 2 1/2 gal. of water to fill to 2" from the top. Keep the lid and as you can cut a small hole for the airline tubing. I plan on getting a heater for a 2-5 gal. at Walmart for about $7. or you can invest in a better adjustable heater from drsfostermith on-line Theo 25W 7" for 2-7 gal.$15.29. A thermometer is also a good idea to get.

Project for the Kids (NANO TANK)

If you want to turn it into a small tank. You can get a bio/sponge filter that runs with a air pump or it can be an unfiltered small nano tank. You can use the existing water from your tank and rinse out the filter cartridge from your existing tank to have as an instant cycle even adding your gravel or sand from your tank. Use plants like Java Moss, Java Fern, Hornsworth, Or Val. any low light plant. You can add some driftwood with java moss and ferns attached inside.

Good fish to get for this Nano tank must have a heater in the colder months spring & summer might be ok depending where you are if it's inside your home. Take heater out during the warmer months if it is not adjustable like the walmart one. The adj. heater will turn off when it reaches a certain temp.

1 betta only, 3 endler males only no females also known as feeder fish, 4-5 Ghost shrimps cheap at about 30 cents each at LFS used as feeder fish/ Red cherry shrimps if you have more experience with the more expensive shrimps or Cyrstal Red shrimps if you can provide R/O water for them that is cycled for a few months as these types are sensitive to new tanks., 1-2 dwarf frogs, 3-4 White Cloud tetras, 3-4 Danio Zebra tetras, 1 mystery snail, other small type snails like assassin snail, pond snail ect, 2 dwarf corys other corys grow to big for a nano tank. Do not add any Goldfish or other liverbearer fish like Platies as they grow to big. You can however raise baby fry in the container with frequent water changes twice a week.

(PLEASE NOTE) that you can only put what I have listed above. No more then what I listed above. Do not combine any of the above. This is a small container so water changes are a must of 20-25% a week and water testing. I would recommend getting a bio/sponge filter over unfiltered. You can use a desk lamp to light it.

tanks4thememories 06-27-2010 04:23 PM

You might want to read this before you use "Hardware store Sand" "Play Sand"

All sand is not safe for aquariums.

bones14 06-27-2010 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by tanks4thememories (Post 413346)
You might want to read this before you use "Hardware store Sand" "Play Sand"

All sand is not safe for aquariums.

Very helpful.I'm thinking of doing sand as well.

tanks4thememories 06-27-2010 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by bones14 (Post 413374)
Very helpful.I'm thinking of doing sand as well.

TYVM. Please don't forget to comment on bottom of article if you have time. Thanx.

bones14 06-27-2010 05:44 PM

BTW,Eileen,Good idea on the QT tank.

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