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Justina 05-18-2010 10:52 PM

29g Biocube - Up and running
So tonight I got a 29 gallon biocube up and running. I put almost 20 lbs of sand in it. About 20 pounds of live rock and 4 pounds of dry rock.

Many questions!

I bought the live rock from a guy who lives here in town. It has green algae on it. Will a CUC get this green algae off or what should I do??? Thinking about leaving the lgihts off for the first week. Good idea or Bad idea?

When should I start testing pH, Alkalinity, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate. Did I forget anything??

Should I put anything in the tank to help it clear up or just give it some time??


GradyBaby16 05-20-2010 06:15 AM

1) A CUC should help, just do searching to find the best ones
2) You could leave the lights off if you wanted to, i wouldnt
3) I would start testing when everything is where youd like it, so maybe 3 weeks
4) You dont need anything to help clear water it should settle within a day or two

why do u want the lights off that long for?

Justina 05-20-2010 10:16 AM

I was thinking that with No lights the green algae would die off. I've been cleaning the green algae off with a toothbrush. It is working great.

The water has cleared up nicely.

Justina 05-21-2010 06:57 PM

So when the lights are off in my tank two little snake type creatures come out of the rocks. They are pretty skinny and not very long at all. A few inches long. Any idea what they could be?

teddyzaper 05-21-2010 09:04 PM

could be some type of worm maybe bristle worm or fireworms, could be a starfish but i doubt it.

GradyBaby16 05-22-2010 06:55 AM

Same here i put in new live rock, first saw them when they were eating a dead crab then when the lights are out. I think there Bristle worms, which are not good especially if you have to many, only saw two but i still dont want them, easy way to fix them is get a arrow crab as part of your CUC or, the best thing to get is a Six Line Wrasse which controls them the best and makes a fool out of them, but my LFS ran out so i just got an Arrow Crab havnt seen him eat any cuz im never home though lol may b ill check today after work, but when i frst saw them come out there hole then run back it freaked me out

Justina 05-23-2010 06:36 PM

These little worms in my tank can really stretch out to about 4 inches long. I haven't seen them come fully out of the rocks yet.

I did my first water testing tonight.

pH - 7.8
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - About 10
Alkalinity - 3

The pH should be higher. Can I buy some stuff to make it go up?

Justina 05-28-2010 10:14 PM

So I was looking tonight and I saw about 7 or 8 or these freaking worms!! My tank hasn't cycled yet. I got it running on the 18th. I have two snails that came with the rock that are doing good as far as I can see. Should I go ahead and get an Arrow Crab or a Six Line Wrasse to get rid of these worms?

I also have a purple thing that has green tinticles on it. When the lights are off the green things go away and when the lights are on they come out and its really pretty. The green things also glow in the dark. Anybody know what it is??

I have A LOT of white bug looking things as well in my tank. Some really small, some pretty big. Are these ok or should I try to get rid of them??


GradyBaby16 05-29-2010 10:18 AM

Six Line Wrasse will do best in getting rid of those worms

teddyzaper 05-29-2010 12:02 PM

the tentacles are most likely either a starfish or some other worms, can you get a picture of them so we can help? the little floating bugs might be copeopods, search it on google images.

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