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konstargirl 05-15-2010 05:45 PM

Supplies for my new 1 gallon
Hi guys. ^_^ Tommorow I'm going to buy a 1 gallon tank for someone for $4!! It comes with an air pump and air tube unfortunally, but I want to know what knid of heater and filter will be good for it. I'm only using it as a quanity tank and I'm really excited. ^^ so can anyone help me out?


konstargirl 05-16-2010 05:03 PM

Guess what, The guy gave me a deal. So now I got 2 tanks of the same size and they are actually not 1 gallon tanks. They are actually 2 gallon tanks for $5( I added water on one of them with a gallon jug and it only filled half way. It's still small). Here's a picture of both tanks. They didn't have the 20 gallon anymore because someone bought it already, nor the guy did not find the airpump to one of them. It was $5 too, but light and filter that came with the 20 gallon were also $5 seperate. So, if I would bought the 20 gallon instead, everything will be $15 and I don't have room for the 20 gallon, only the small tanks. I might just used one of them as a fry tank and the other one I do not k now. lol I wasn't expecting getting 2 tanks.:
I should put this in my blog but oh well.
And I need help identifying these 2 items. One of them supposly for the air pump thing but I don't know now.. This is all I have form both tanks..:

Mikaila31 05-16-2010 05:21 PM

they are 2 gal hex tanks. The airstone and that plastic plate with tube make up the under gravel filter(UGF).

iamntbatman 05-19-2010 04:36 AM

To explain a bit further, basically you put an air line with an air stone down in the bottom of those lift tubes. When air is pumped down the line and out of the air stone, the bubbles create a current of water up the lift tube. That plastic plate goes under the gravel in your tank, so the current up through the tube means that water flows down through your gravel and under the filter plate to go up the tube. The water movement through your gravel turns your gravel into a biological filter. Usually that's enough to filter a small tank like that but if you want you can use the air pumps to power small sponge filters instead.

If you're using the tanks for tropical fish you'll need heaters. Also, if the hoods have incandescent light bulbs with a regular sized light bulb base, you might be able to replace them with screw-in compact fluorescents. They use less electricity, won't heat up your water like incandescent lights and can be purchased in the right spectrum to grow live plants, if you're interested in doing that.

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