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redchigh 05-15-2010 11:30 AM

36"x15"x15" tank- Questions, wandering about stocking
I'm thinking of a DIY project but I wanted to make sure of a couple things..

Is it structurally sound? (I don't mean glass thickness, I'll be using 1/2 inch thick glass.)

Will it have enough "surfacce area" for the gravel? Is it too deep for plant growth?

How much light do you think I'll need?

BTW a 36x15x15 tank would be a totally custom job- if you want to visualise it,
a 29G is 30x12x18
a 30 Breeder is 36x18x12
a 40 breeder is 36x18x16

Mine would be approx 35 gallons.

Can I stock a pair of BN plecos with some cories? Or should I breed the BN in the 35 and the cories in a 10?

How many tetras could I fit in the 35? I want SEVERAL smallish shoals of smallish fishes for variety. To be Honest, I have no desire for a centerpiece fish right now.

What would be a good acid-loving tetra to introduce first? Or maybe the BN pleco?
Or 'borrow' a couple guppies from my 10G?

Angel079 05-22-2010 06:54 AM

For the light I'd go with my all time fav Daylight T8 @ around 20 watt for this tank.

I'd rather sep the bottom dweller breeding there either BN OR Cory to breed in that tank. But you know just how many fry a pleco does have right? :-D

I'd rather have good group sizes (~10 fish per group) and less different group. Rather then a BUNCH different groups but only few fish each. Whether its the Cory or for example the Rummy Noses; I had found the positive change in behavior when the groups larger is muuccchhhh better.

There's a million Tetra's out there, it really sorta depends what you LIKE?
Rummy noses, Emporoer, Kerri, Cardinal, Glowlight, Pristella, Red Eye.... The only one's I'd suggest to really stay away from in a community set up are Serpae Tetra's they're great fin nippers :-)

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