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chann100590 05-14-2010 08:10 PM

please help me, guppy problems
ok so i had 2 pregnant guppies and i could clearly see there black gravid spot, i guess they were only 2 - 3 weeks but i was really looking forward to the birth, i just had a look in the tank and 1 of my females look like they must have aborted there fry.. the blackness is gone and it is just like a pinkey spot now, i recently bought these 3 days ago and they were fine .. unfortunatly yesterday 1 of my females died so i had to get her out quick ... i guess due to stress, i also cleaned my tank today as i have some silvertip tetras in there before the guppies .. i think maybe this could be a reason also in her aborting the fry, apart from that i really dont know what it could be, as the PH, amonia and everything is fine, the tank is 18 gallons, 6 months old (has always been used) and currently has 2 male guppies, 2 females, 1 silvertip tetra

if anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it and do you think they will abort there fry everytime i clean the tank?? :-( i really need help


zof 05-14-2010 08:29 PM

maybe it was not a big delivery and they got eaten / are hiding. I highly doubt they will abort everytime you clean the tank unless you overly stress them, and maybe it was just too much stress being in a new environment?

eileen 05-14-2010 09:12 PM

Sometimes they will absorb the babies if the conditions are not right. I would not worry about it. You will be swimming in baby fry every month. The females can have up to 6 batches of fry without a male and you will not know what to do with all the babies. Some will be eaten and some will live. i would just provide alot of cover for all levels for the babies to hide and put a nylon stocking or netting over your intake so the babies don't get sucked up in the intake filter.

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