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Fishnewbie1 05-11-2010 05:29 PM

a couple of misc cycling questions for a newbie
Thanks in advance for this great Forum and all your helpful articles for beginners. I have read the cycling article on this forum and several other ones on other sites which all have been a wealth of information. I had a couple small questions that I couldn't find the answer too in any of the articles.

I currently have a 10G tank that has been up and running and stocked with fish for about 6 months (i did used a hardy fish and stocked it slowly for that cycle), no issues at all with it. I recently purchased a 45G tank, which is the one I have begun cycling. After reading the advice on here I opted for the Fishless cycle using a dead shrimp as my ammonia source this time around. I added the dead shrimp (in a filter bag so it wouldn't cause a mess) a few days ago. I read in another article that it would help the process if I took some gravel or decorations out of an established tank and added it to the one I am cycling. Obviously my 10Gallon tank can be that source, but is it even worth my while to move over a handful of gravel from that tank (I cant spare a ton from there as it is a small tank) and maybe one decoration? Just wasn't sure if a tad bit of gravel and one decoration would even have a material effect on a much bigger 45G tank?

Also is this good advice (from another fish aquarium website), reason I ask is this is 1st time i have seen using PH down mentions before:


-Buy/borrow a small bottle of pH down. Add 1-2 drops per 4 gallons of tank water. These pH products contain large amounts of phosphates which your bacteria need to grow. This small amount will not affect the pH of the tank and will supply all the phosphate needed. Lots of "my cycle stopped/stalled" posts can be attributed to phosphate deficiency. A small amount of fishfood can probably also be substituted in place of this.
I think sometimes I may read too many articles on things before starting and then just complicate things or confuse myself even more:lol:

As always thanks in advance

zof 05-11-2010 07:35 PM

Even a small amount of gravel or other stuff from your 10 should help jump start the cycle. The whole point of cycling is getting a sufficient number of bacteria to handle the load you have on your tank, and of course a large group from an established tank are going to multiply quicker then just a few random already in the tank. I believe a good math analogy would by exponential growth (aka 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc) you will reach your optimal levels quicker starting from 8 then from starting from 1 of course so the more you add the quicker you will build up but even some is better then none.

Anyone want to correct me if I am wrong?

iamntbatman 05-12-2010 05:11 AM

Agreed. Every little bit helps, especially if you can put the material from the 10g in a high-flow area of your 45g (i.e. inside the filter).

I've never heard anything about phosphate deficiency before and as far as I know pH down is nothing more than dilute sulfuric acid so doesn't contain phosphates anyway.* I wouldn't bother with that.

Actually, I just confirmed this on API's website. pH Down is just 10% sulfuric acid in a bottle.

Fishnewbie1 06-07-2010 07:01 PM

A very deliquent on my part thanks for your help. My tank is finally finished being cycled, took a little under a month and about 2 weeks in I realized I might not have had enough ammonia creation going on so tossed in another shrimp which definitely helped speed up the process.

Now its stocking time, hmmmm what to do :)

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