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grovite62 05-11-2010 05:23 PM

angel fish
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my angels have laid eggs but they dont seem to be getting fertilized. can anyone tell me if i have 2 females?

britnyjackson 05-11-2010 05:24 PM

Sorry, I'm no help here, but I just wanted to tell you that your fish are stunning!!

Byron 05-12-2010 12:33 PM

Hi and welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.

I agree with britnyjackson, your angels are beautiful. As for their sex, the top photo appears to be a female, but the lower photo is indistinct and I can't quite make out the papilla. They might well be two females; the male papilla is thinner than the female.

Have you observed the egg laying to notice if both fish participate? This may be what you meant by not getting fertilized. It is not uncommon for females to lay eggs without males present.


grovite62 05-12-2010 01:52 PM

unfortunately they always seem to lay the eggs at nite while we are sleeping. seems to be around every six weeks when they are laying the eggs. last two time the angels ate all the eggs before i could do anything with them. the last time (2 weeks ago) i moved the eggs to another tank but the white fuzz appeared the next day.
would better photos help??

Byron 05-12-2010 02:13 PM

You've partly answered what I was after.

Angels frequently (more probably, always) fail in the first several attempts at spawning. It is interesting that this does not occur with wild caught fish, but with tank-raised angels (which is what you will see in almost every store now) it is almost always the case. It takes several attempts before they get it right. They will eat the eggs for no apparent reason.

Moving the eggs to a separate tank is what many do (assuming they are fertilized), and providing an airstone under the egg mass (laid on a piece of slate for instance in a bare spawning tank) to prevent fungus, and some add methylene blue to the water for the same reason.

Because the whole process of angels rearing their fry is so interesting, unless you want to breed fish commercially, I would leave things alone and when the pair (assuming they are a pair) are settled, it will be a fascinating experience.

If you are getting eggs this far, to move them--did any turn white themselves? Infertile eggs (not fertilized) turn white quite quickly, whereas fertile eggs remain clear and develop. If the parents look after the eggs, they will pick out any infertile ones and eat them. The white fuzz is fungus, which as I say occurs if the water is not moving past the eggs. This task the parent fish do with their fins. Again, I would leave them to settle down, it will be well worth it.


grovite62 05-12-2010 03:34 PM

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so your saying i should just let them do their thing and see how it plays out? i am not interested in breediing commercially but have friends that would be interested in taking fish should the survive. they have laid eggs 3 times now and usually eat them within a day or two.its funny that they chase the other fish away and then go right back to eating them themselves. every time they have laid the eggs it has been on the tubes for my undergravel filter and the last time i put the tube in the other tank but the fungus was there within a day or so. btw thank you for the compliment they are beautiful fish and werent much bigger than a quarter when we got them.

Byron 05-12-2010 07:37 PM

It is your decision, but as I mentioned previously, having a pair of angels spawn and raise their young is fascinating to observe. Once they get the hang of it, you will have enough fish to give away. I can't find suggestions in my references about how long it takes other than some young fish (first timers) will go through several spawnings before they settle down and successfully raise the fry. And by the way, it is just as common for angels to eat the hatched fry as the eggs, moreso according to some. So have patience.

Angels can spawn every 7-10 days if the eggs are removed; when they guard the eggs and fry, it is longer between spawnings. Filter tubes are often used as spawning sites.

It's been a long while since I spawned angels, back in the 1980's, so other members may have more to say.


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