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Fish Frenzy 03-16-2007 08:31 AM

New Threadfins

I got 3 threadfin rainbow fish yesterday! 2 females and a male. At first, they were just hovering behind a rock. But now they are swimming around the whole tank. The male is already showing his fins off to the ladies and they all seem to like each other. I do have a few concerns though.

1. They wont eat. I am giving them flake food, and making sure it is really small since they have small throats, but they wont eat. Is this normal for new fish?

2. Sometimes it seems like they are stuck in the currents of my filter (125 bio wheel). Should I be worried about them getting sucked up or are they really not stuck?

:) Thanks! I am so excited! (And how old do they look?)

Follow It Home 03-16-2007 12:05 PM

I love threadfins, I have three myself, but they are JUST starting to show finnage, just starting to turn black and elongate. As for your questions, I think that the food problem is just because they are new, and the currents, since they are top dwellers mine also stay in the current of the filter, I think they like it :)

Lupin 03-16-2007 10:00 PM

No currents pls. I would simply use a sponge filter to ensure their safety. For food, I would feed them powdered form foods. I had about 8 of them before and they have been observed scattering eggs. These fish are not hard to feed at all. Despite having big mouths, these fish have small throats unfortunately hence it's best to feed them the smallest bits possible.

These fish are best kept with placid species. Neons and cardinal tetras are absolutely fine as they will rarely nip. Be careful with the fish you choose for them.

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