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bubbzy85 05-10-2010 12:24 AM

My platy gave birth today!
my micky platy gave birth today after having my guppy give birth last week, i'm up to my ears in baby fish dunno what to do with them all! petco said they'd take extra's but i feel bad sending off all the babies to petco... any suggestions what to to with them all?

fryup 05-10-2010 02:47 AM

if possably ...sell them to friends and my swordtails had 22 fry during the night :):):)....good luck with yours

eileen 05-10-2010 12:23 PM

You can keep the ones you want. If you do not have a spare tank put them in a 1 gal. container or plastic shoe tote. Use the filter media from one of your filters to seed the tote with good bateria and use the water from you exsiting tanks to fill it. The baby fry should be ok. The baby fry can eat crushed fish flakes ground to a fine powder. If the container is inside the house and the house temp. is average and not to cool the fry should be fine. You can also purchase a 2 gal. heater at Walmart for about $7 as long as the container is about 2 gal.

If you are worried about to many this is what I do. Have a well planted tank with either real or fake plants at all levels. This way you can leave them in the main tank. Some will be eaten but some will survive. I have angelfish in my 55 gal. community tank and the angelfish keep the population down. Remember that these fish have babies every month so it would be hard to keep all of them without getting a bunch of tanks. Also the baby fry take awhile to grow big enough for Petco to take them. I think they said they have to be an inch big.

If you go with the tote you can get a simple sponge filter with a air pump to run it or just do water changes twice a week to keep the water good. Their is no need to buy extra tanks to raise the fry in. Using a plastic tote or large plastic container is also a good QT tank to set up for sick or new fish you may have and just use the water from your present tank and filter media to seed them.

Costco has some nice containers to use after you use up the products like the 3lb. plastic prezel container or large pickel jars. These containers make nice quick tanks for fry just use a sponge filter and tank water and maybe some floating plants. Who knows maybe you will use these for a nice extra tank and buy a over head desk lamp for it and gravel or sand. These also make great dwarf shrimp tanks with java moss and driftwood inside. Good luck on your fry and I hope everything works out for you. Just remember the water changes are important when you raise fry so they will survive.

ferszty 05-16-2010 02:49 AM

i have found if u keep the fry in the big tank they have to grow faster.
if u want some to survive put lots of plants.

ferszty 05-16-2010 02:51 AM

i have found if u keep the fry in the big tank they have to grow faster
keep the tank well planted tho.

ferszty 05-16-2010 02:52 AM

sorry about the double post my computer froze:(

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