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DJBriteLite 05-09-2010 11:32 PM

Puffer fish and ect
Hey whats up TFK! so i just got a 45 gallon hexagon tank and i want to make make it into a brackish tank as of right now i have my 1 puffer for 3 weeks and learned alot that they didnt notify me when i bought it. i got one puffer fish, 1 fiddler crab, and 3 ghost shrimp. someone told me i need a protein skimmer for my puffer because they are real messy and leave alot of waste. do i need one? and do i need a sump setup? i already got marine salt and gonne get black sand substrate soon along with a hydrometer. Thanks any help or opinions are more than welcomed.

Taz 05-10-2010 03:19 AM

brackish tank
Hi DJBriteLite;
I almost got into brackish, then situation changed & wasn't able too. I'll be interested in the answers you get for "dirty" puffer solutions - should be some kind of cleaner fish to help out? A Hex tank sounds nice.

iamntbatman 05-10-2010 07:04 AM

Welcome to TFK!

I'm not sure a protein skimmer is really needed. To deal with the puffer's messiness, you really just need to remove uneaten food or food debris after he's done eating, filter the tank heavily and keep up with water changes. However, if you want to make this a more marine-like tank with live rock as your filtration, a protein skimmer would probably be a good idea at that point. Sumps are always nice but they are costly and a pain to set up (especially if you don't have a pre-drilled tank) so I wouldn't worry about one.

What species of puffer do you have? You can probably expect it to eat the crab and ghost shrimp as the puffer grows. The crab also needs to be able to climb out of the water from time to time so can't really be kept in normal fish tanks.

DJBriteLite 05-10-2010 01:00 PM

i have a green spotted puffer. i have a bamboo stick the crab climbs on top of to breathe. i went ahead and invested in a protein skimmer. what kinda of substrate will be ok for the fish?

iamntbatman 05-11-2010 06:35 AM

It doesn't make a huge difference as GSP's aren't really much for loafing around on the substrate as some other puffers are prone to do, but sand is always nice looking and is easy to clean.

DJBriteLite 05-11-2010 06:04 PM

have any recomedations on a filter? i just hate having to buy new filters for powered ones. that stuff adds up.

iamntbatman 05-12-2010 05:46 AM

Well, if you're not going to plant the tank there's really no requirement for canister filters, so you can stick with less-expensive power filters. Normally I'd recommend Marineland filters but if you convert the tank to a FOWLR type of setup they'd be pretty worthless to you. So, I think you should probably go with Aquaclear filters. They're good power filters anyway and in saltwater applications they're nice because you can just remove the filter pads (which saltwater hobbyists would refer to as "nitrate factories") and just fill the filter with live rock rubble to provide filtration along with water movement.

DJBriteLite 05-15-2010 03:37 AM

now im having a problem with my puffer hes all brown, i just did a WC about 90 %, he curled inot a ball and floated for a second till i messed with him he swam away, whats wrong with him, my water levels are fine.

jcgrigsby1995 05-27-2010 09:17 PM

i just got 2 GSP's and one of them turned a dark gray color on its normally white belly. I done some reading online and found that color change are signs of stress. When i got mine home and settled into his new home he returned to his normal color and has been just fine since. GSP's are very sensitive fish and you may have scared yours by changing the water or something else may have freightened him. If stress is the cause the coloration should return to normal. But if he has not returned to his normal coloration he may be sick. )=

hope this helped
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