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ronay77 05-09-2010 06:53 PM

Stocking suggestions?
ok, i have my 70litre tank for about a year and today redecorated it, i have 2 red line torpedo barbs and 2 zebra danios in it atm,

anyway, i really need more fish now, i was in the shop today and seen a lovely male fighter and wondering what i could stock.

any suggestions would be great, and they need to go with my barbs and danios, names and numbers as i really dont know, i want some nice fish. could i get a fighter? what are they compatable with? ive artificial plants in the tank.

many thanks

Austin 05-09-2010 08:17 PM

My 2 cents...

Bettas (im assuming thats what you mean) can often go with lots of fish other than other bettas and not be aggressive. However the last betta i had was mean to all his tank mates.

I do not know much about danios or barbs, but danios seem peaceful and unlikely to hurt the betta. Barbs I heard are fin nippers so I'm not sure they would be good with the betta.

Also, danios and I think barbs are schooling fish. If you wish to keep them in the fish tank you should probably get a couple more in their schools. This will probably stock your tank though and if barbs are compatible with bettas (im sure someone else here will know...) you could add a few more to each of their schools and then get a betta and be set. :)

iamntbatman 05-10-2010 06:46 AM

Welcome to the forum!

While the barbs are really nice looking fish (and peaceful, from what I've heard) they're very fast swimmers and can reach six inches in length. For that reason, I think they should be in a larger tank than 70 liters. Something four feet long I would say would be a good minimum for them.

In my experience zebra danios aren't nippy, they're just...annoying. They're hyperactive little guys. You should definitely get more of them (have a total school size of at least six) but they might be a little too hyper for a betta. Instead of a betta, you could try a gourami species maybe (not a real big species, though). Other than that, I think you should look at bottom-dwelling fish to add activity to the tank floor. Corydoras catfish are a good choice.

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