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joza123 05-09-2010 05:06 PM

Salt Water
Hello ...
I have kept saltwater fish before but found it to hard always going the fish shop for the salt water so i went back to tropical ...
And my friend said that you can make your own salt water by getting tap water adding tap safe then adding marine salt ... Is this true ?
Thanks :-D

onefish2fish 05-09-2010 10:06 PM

what your friend told you is somewhat true. personally i dont like using tap water for any kind of saltwater setup but some will for a FOWLR ( fish only w/ live rock ) tank. first i would test the water with all the test kits you have. i would even contact your water supply company for an in-depth detail of what exactly is in your local water.

if your planning on building a reef i would strong advise not to do this. getting a RO/DI filter allows you to make pure water right at home and then pre-mix your salt in a seperate container with a heater and powerhead atleast 24hrs in advance. after mixing test salinity with a refractometer ( look on ebay ) check the ph of that and your tank, the temp and your good to go.

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