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creekperson 05-08-2010 11:10 PM

New here, looking to hatch Brine Shrimp eggs
Hi I am new to this Forum. I used to have many tanks of different sizes but somehow got away from it except for 1 small tank. I have dug out my tanks and all my fish stuff most everything is still in working order, even my brine shrimp net is good after 12 years in a box lol. any way I sold off all my old 1950's & 60's Aquarium magazines and 1 of them had a way to hatch brine shrimp eggs using an inverted plastic ( I used a 2 liter) bottle cant remember why and an exact recipe of salt water to hatch them. I remember the water had to stay at 82 degrees and the eggs had to be kept moving at all times. Does anyone know the recipe for the water? I think I fed them small fry liquid fry food when hatched. I still have a tube...what are the chances that it would still be good and I have a can of brine shrimp eggs still also. Was curious if their still good after all these years too. I used to raise Betta's and Angles and would like to try again. Thanks Creekperson and its nice to meet you all !

Austin 05-09-2010 07:06 PM

Welcome to the forums! :) I don't know the exact amount of salt. But what I use, is I buy salt water from a saltwater fish store in a 5 gallon jug (my dad uses it for saltwater tank) and I just pour some into a container and the eggs hatch in it. Also if you buy some aquarium salt it may say the amount. I used to have one that said the amount for hatching brine shrimp. I just went to look for it but I used it all sorry. I'm sure someone knows.

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