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tanker 05-07-2010 11:55 PM

apple snail -feeding, brown algae
I have a bloom of brown algae in my newly-cycled 75-litre tank. I've put an apple snail in there, and my 5 corydoras trilineatus have now gone in there as well. The snail seemed to start on the algae when I put him in there and it seems a bit better so I'm assuming that he's eaten some of it (or it's coincidentally started clearing up on its own).

My question is whether I need to provide additional food just for him while the algae is available to eat. The cories get sinking food. Will he compete with the cories for that if he's hungry, or do I need to put some zucchini or something in just for him? I just want to be sure everybody's getting fed properly.


Aqua Jon 05-11-2010 12:49 AM

The snail will eat the algae, but I believe that it depends on the type of algae. I would let him snack attack that algae till its where you want it. If you supply him with a zucchini or anything else, it may deter from it acting as algae control.

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