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Train Tracks 03-15-2007 12:08 AM

Testing GH and KH
I recently purchased this Deluxe testing kit from Pet Solutions and to test KH and GH you have two colors. A start color and end color. In the instructions, it states to add one drop of the solution to 6 ml of water then count the drops after that. But the one drop doesn't match my starting color on the card. It takes 5/6 drops to match my starting color.

So should I count the drops from the 1st drop or match the starting color then count the drops to the ending color?

Also, does the gravel that contain trace elements, iron and what ever else it needs really help? I was looking at some of those and wondering. I'm starting to grow plants and recieved my CO2 kit in the mail and noticing a difference in just a few days. The next tank I set up I actually want to do right instead of going off a whim like I did this one.

Trishfish 03-26-2007 06:07 PM

I have a similar test kit and don't like it much but oh well. I mix distilled and tap water and the distilled turns the palest color of whatever it's supposed to after only one drop. My tap takes forever as it's hard as a rock. It doesn't sound like the directions for a start point are clear for yours or mine. I'm thinking that you should match your color to start.

Anyway, what are you shooting for? GH only measures calcium and magnesium. You can still end up with a high pH if your GH is low but you have other dissolved minerals in your water. Crushed coral can bring it up. The folks here don't recommend adding any chemicals.

Most gravel is inert and won't affect your values.

CO2 will probably lower your pH.

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