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beetlebz 05-04-2010 01:14 AM

recommended tank sizes for eheim classic
Sooo im replacing my old penguin 200 with a canister on my 55g. I have always overfiltered my community tanks, and this should be no exception lol my question is, eheim filters have a reputation of being very thorough and efficient, so Im guessing im not following the old 8 times per hour rule. Which of the eheim classics would be suitable for a 55g community tank? I dont want the 2217, but im not sure the 2213 would be enough umph, though it says to 66 gallons (which we all know we dont trust!)

rsn48 05-06-2010 12:39 AM

Eheims aren't "high flow"filters. Filter statements about flow rates are exaggerations but they are deceptive. Canisters are tested, empty with no hoses, so the flow rate obviously is going to be substantially higher than a canister filled with media, 4 months old, and a rise on the tube of 3 /12 feet.

The test empty so companies can't "smudge" the evidence. Different companies have different media, in differing amounts, with different tube sizes, with different rises to the aquarium by the hobbyist. To maintain uniformity, the filters are tested empty on a table.

You may not want a high flow rate, for example, planted tank issues, UV sterilizer issues. A lower flow rate with a decent UV sterilizer will kill ich in the water when it goes through its water born stage, too high a flow rate and the ich won't be killed. There's more to filtration than flow rate.

beetlebz 05-06-2010 05:39 PM

Oh this is exactly my point. typically I aim for my flow rate to turn my water over approximately 6-10 times per hour depending on the filters used and the stocking, but I know this is true of most eheim filters. I was hoping someone with hands on experience could speak on behalf of the 2213 15 and or 17 to see if their relatively low GPH would still be effective on a larger tank like a 55 :)

it IS planted btw, which is one reason I want to steer clear of HOBs.

rsn48 05-08-2010 01:28 AM

Try this link, you'll see various sizes and tank recommendations. I personally get the filter that goes with my tank, not a size bigger like others suggest, but that's me. I don't want a heavy flow rate, but there is a way to turn the flow rate down with a $12 gadget if your run into trouble and your canister has a higher flow rate than you wanted.

If you are doing a medium to heavily planted tank, your plants are your primary filtration, your water changes are your secondary device, and canister filters are third on the list. I personally also use a UV sterilizer, but again, that's me.

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