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tetratank 04-28-2010 11:11 AM

Loosing bottom feeders daily! Urgent help needed please
Hello fellow fish enthusiasts :) I have come here hoping to find some information on my bottom feeders who I am loosing at a rapid rate. Any and all help is much needed and appreciated.

The current situation is I have lost 2 bristlenoses and 2 cory sterbai. There are still 2 cory sterbai alive but I don't think I can keep it this way for long. I have been doing regular water changes, for the past week 3 times. They have white patches on them and it seems to be all over them. One catfish has nothing on him, I don't get it. These fish have been in my tank for 3 years and just like that they start dying.

The only recent changes to the tank in the past month: I changed the food I was feeding them and after 3 days of them not eating it I cleaned the tank and went and bought the old food they seem to love. I have put in 4 new sword plants. I have been adding weekly LEAF ZONE for the plants. Other than these things I can't think of anything else.

I thought since these guys eat solely from the subtrate, they may have gotten some sort of fungus but how on earth do I get rid of it? That is of course if that is what is going on.

One other thing, I did use MULTICURE in 2 water changes but tonight when I did a water change I did not use it again as it has not saved anyone.

I am in Australia (just incase the products don't seem familiar)

Thanks so much, at this stage I am pretty sad as the Bristlesnoses were tiny when we put them in and now they are/were 8cms long :( My daughter is going to be devestated when she sees tomorrow that all her favourite fishes are gone :(

Kind regards Lisa

redchigh 04-28-2010 02:23 PM

The white spots, are they flat against the body of the fish? (could be ammonia damage, if you could have damaged the bacteria when you cleaned the tank)
are they spots? (could be ich. Treat with anti-parasite, like ich-away perhaps.)
do they look like cotton or cauliflower? (It's fungal then. I like pimafix for antifungal.)

Byron 04-28-2010 05:31 PM

Welcome to Tropical Fiosh Keeping.

I strongly suggest you post a clear photo of a fish with the white spots/blotches. Treating for one thing if it is not that will probably be worse. Any and all medications or chemicals are highly stressful to Corydoras, so you want to be sure you really need it before subjecting them to it.

With photos I'm sure some members will be able to accurately identify the problem and suggest appropriate action.


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