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Hawkian 04-27-2010 11:53 AM

Pre-Purchase Survey for a nano tank...
I'm looking to get a small tank no bigger than 5G mostly for plants and possibly a betta. I'd like to hear what everyone who has a small tank what their take on it is: if you had to do it over would you buy the same tank and why? I'm lookin for the cheapest way to get a tank running but I don't want to buy the cheapest one only to find out that it's not that good...

Any input is appreciated.

redchigh 04-27-2010 12:08 PM

Well I only have nano tanks... 1 5G and 2 10G.

I can't really regret anything since 2 were inherited and the newest 10G was purchased used for about $15, including filter, heater and light. (although the light sucks)

Well, scratch that, I do regret getting livebearers. Didn't test my water first, now I can only raise my PH to about 6.5

5G's can work well IMO, but you have to accept that it's going to have to be lightly stocked and heavily planted.
I run my 5G in a window under a lamp. It's got a heater, but no filter/airstone. I just crammed a bunch of plants in there.

I plan on getting some RCS and ember tetras for that tank when I get some $.

A betta can work well as long as you make it childproof- no sharp edges on the plant leaves... Some plants can tear their fins.
I did have a waterhyacinth in it but realised it took too much space- even though I currently have a swordplant in it.
To be honest, I'll probably only use it for shrimp and turn my other 10G into a tetra community... like 12 neons, 10 ember tetras, and maybe 3 pygmy corys or ottos, assuming I decide not to breed anything.

Not really sure what you were asking for in your topic..Ah, a cheap tank. I see now.
Well if you were to buy a 5G, get a filter, a heater, and a light, it would probably only be about $10 more to get a complete 10G tank.

If you want an au naturale 5g, it can work and is cheap if you don't mind it being limited stocking-wise.

aunt kymmie 04-27-2010 10:23 PM

I've got two Marinland Eclipse 6gl aquariums and I love them. I find them used on craigslist for $20 all the time. Maybe an option for you??

xrayjeeper83 04-27-2010 11:00 PM

Ive got a 5 gallon and love it for my small apartment. Though I do have an empty wall that a 55 would fit great against lol

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