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CaptainNemo 06-28-2014 04:24 PM

Want opinions on small tank stocking plan
I have a 5 gal and am thinking about stocking neon or green neon tetras (green if i can find them bc theyre smaller), rcs and maybe a nerite snail. How does that sound? I don't know the quantities, the tank will be modestly planted and is on a fishless cycle now. Do any of those species not travel well? I have a three hour car ride at the beginning and end of the year as well as on long breaks. How many should I/could I get of each?

tankman12 06-28-2014 07:31 PM

Okay, i have a 5 gallon planted. I have a betta, 7 embers, and 3 (soon 2 be 5) pygmy cories. I personally think the neons will outgrow a 5 gallon. the rcs and the nerite is fine. I would do something that is a bit smaller. Chile rasboras, galaxy rasboras, ember tetras, ect... the car ride womt really be a problem. Just make sure ur lfs puts them in the HUGE bags. I once had discus in a bag for 5 hours,no problem. Not the best thing 2 do, but they will be fine.
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CaptainNemo 06-28-2014 07:59 PM

How do embers compare to neons size-wise? I'm basically just looking for the smallest fish I can readily find in my area, I went with neons bc I thought maybe they'd be smaller than others but if embers or rasboras are smaller I'll totally see what I can find! Thanks so much for your info!!

tankman12 06-28-2014 08:09 PM

On the internet it will probably say a inch and a half. But i have had them for 6 months with weekly wc's and a varying diet. They rnt even an inch. A buddy of mine has them in a 29g, everything else the same and they rnt even an inch either, so mine rnt stunted or anything like that. So u could get alot more of them, they will be happier, alittle bit rare, also i like the color more. Just make sure u put a little bit of peat moss in the filter 2 lower the ph (unless it it already around 6.5), and the orange on the males will POP alot more. If u find a small nano fish that u like more than the embers just ask me about it. (U could also do a small group of sparkling gouramis).
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CaptainNemo 06-28-2014 09:07 PM

Thanks! I'll have to check out my lfs, there's two near me, one is just a petsmart and they don't have anything rarer than neons (plus I wouldn't necessarily trust their stock) but there's another that specializes in fish and reptiles and I know it's an awesome store but haven't been in there for a while so I'm hopeful. That being said maybe embers aren't the best fo rme bc the pH in my tank now (granted it's only about two days old) is really high, like 7.8+ so I'm trying to fix that

tankman12 06-28-2014 09:09 PM

Just get some peat moss.
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CaptainNemo 06-28-2014 09:35 PM

will do!

Ralij 06-29-2014 02:11 PM

I don't have any experience in a tank that size, honestly, but here is what I would do.

Add in a couple of fish that you'd like and let them live in there for a week, testing the water frequently. At the end of the week check how quickly the nitrates have gone up. Watch the fish on a daily basis and see how active they are and how much room they like to have. If its about half of what is manageable double the amount of fish and repeat. In a 5 gallon I don't think I'd add much more than 5 neons in a 5 gal.

That said, neons are schooling fish and need to be in groups of at least 5 so if that isn't doable you may need to consider moving them up to a larger tank. Also to keep in mind is that smaller tanks stock up nitrates faster and will need more frequent changes. (though doing a water change in a 5 gal shouldn't take longer than say 10 minutes.)

Hope this was helpful!

sandybottom 06-30-2014 12:54 AM

The tank is too small for neons. How about 2 scarlet badis and some nerites? Mini moth catfish are cool too.

tankman12 06-30-2014 08:08 AM

Yes the tank is 2 small for neons. And scarlet badis r a pain 2 get eating. U could do a trio of badis badis. Or instead of the embers u could do galaxy rasboras.
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