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Welsh 04-26-2010 07:39 AM

What fish can I have?
I wasnt sure where to post this question so I apologise if its in the wrong place.

I know this question most probably gets asked a lot but I've searched the internet and didnt find an answer so thought I would try here.

I have a 54 litre - 12 UK gallon tropical aquarium. At the moment I have 6 tetras, 6 cory cats, a male betta and a snail with 3 live plants. They have all been living together for about 4 days and are getting along fine together but every so often the betta will chase the tetras which is worrying me.

I've decided that Im going to put the betta in a tank on his own with 3 of the corrys and was wondering what other tropical fish I could then have with the remaining corys and tetras.

Im guessing that I wont be able to have too many but I would like some pretty fish =)


aunt kymmie 04-26-2010 04:11 PM

What species of tetra and which specie of cory?

Welsh 04-26-2010 04:47 PM

I have neon tetras and peppered cories. I learned today that this is overstocked which the assistants at the store didnt inform me of. Now im wondering if I put 3 cories and my betta into a different tank what other fish would I be able to have with the remaining 3 cories and 6 tetras my guess is not a lot, right? The tank just looks so empty as it is when the betta and cories leave it will look even more vacant.

DCR 04-26-2010 05:05 PM

Neon tetra have a remarkably small bioload. One of the first professional setups I did was entitled "Childhood Dreams," -- it was a 38 with a school of ~200 neons. It was an ode to the "ooh-ahh" every child experiences during their first trip to the fish store, upon seeing the neon tetra for the first time. Heh. Also present were a mighty forkload (that's 2.8 regular forkloads) of pygmy corys, some japonicas, ottocinclus, and later after some of the neons died off (14 month average lifespan is kind of a pity), a pair of discus. I maintenanced that tank from up till down, and I never had any problem with the bioload. Nitrogenous wastes were always well under control.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Heh. Since most tetra like soft water and low pH, especially neons, any small, peaceful fish that will also get on well in those conditions is a prime tankmate. Since you only have 12 gallons to work with, you might consider swapping the pepper corys for some pygmy corys. They exhibit all of the same adorable cory antics whilst maintaining a size comparable to a fingernail. Heh.

redchigh 04-26-2010 05:27 PM

suprised the bettas didn't eat any neons.... they've been known to.

Do you want a "centerpiece" fish or another schooling species?

You could fit something like 2 croaking gouramis (sorry short on time, check the fish profiles and see if they like acidic water)
or you could add about 6-8 ember tetras if you want another schooling species...Maybe even 6 microrasboras- they're a little bit larger than embers though.

Maybe even a CPO (dwarf orange crawfish). I hear they're adorable and peaceful, as long as a cory doesn't try to eat it. It might hurt a cory if it tried to eat it, but the cory will learn, and the CPO won't hold a grudge.

Welsh 04-27-2010 12:42 PM

Emm...I think other schooling fish would be nicer than just one centerpiece fish, I want the tank to look interesting with different colours but as you said I do have a 12 gallon so I am limited with space.

Thanks for your suggestions =)

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