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Spike762 04-24-2010 05:53 PM

Will comet goldfish eat fancy guppies?
I picked up two doomed comet goldfish from a kiddie pool give-away and they've been living in my 40g tank since the fall. They are getting pretty big and I do not have a pond or larger tank to home them into. I also have fancy guppies (my favorite fish) in the tank, along with two turtles. Within a day, 3 guppies dissapeared. I don't think it was the turtles because they will generally take one at a time because it's so hard to catch one in the first place. A snapper could get three in a day, but I don't know my painted turtle or RBS to be capable of that.

The comet goldfish is definitely big enough to eat the guppies, and is fast enough to catch them. I wonder if any predation is going on... I hate to see my guppies go so fast, and I have a suspicion the goldfish is to blame.

Has anyone else ever seen evidence of comet goldfish eating smaller fish?


Lupin 04-24-2010 11:04 PM

Comets will undoubtedly eat anything that fits their mouths. Guppies are certainly no exception to the rule at all.

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