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SaylorKennedy 04-21-2010 06:28 PM

Otos in with betta that has dropsy.
I just discovered my betta has dropsy. I immediately took him out of the tank and put him in shallow water and have tried to make him comfortable as possible.
I had 2 otos in the 10 gallon with him. What should I do with them and how should I go about with the tank? Do I need to restart it, just do a large wc, let it be?

bettababy 04-23-2010 12:05 AM

As long as the infected fish is out of the tank before it died, there isn't much else you can do. Are you positive the problem is dropsy?
Dropsy is mostly contracted when healthy fish consume the internal organs of the infected fish when it dies. If there is any question of diagnosis, post a pic in the thread and we can help to verify that. If the problem is not dropsy, that may mean a whole lot of different advice for the tank with the ottos, and the betta too.

IF the problem is dropsy, if its any comfort to you... my daughter took care of an older betta with dropsy & popeye in both eyes when someone just dropped it off one day, and that fish lived another 3 yrs and thrived. The swelling never went down, but without medications, that fish did very well for 3 yrs in that condition. We kept it in a 5 gallon mini bow tank by itself with plenty of plants and rock decor for hiding places, kept the temp warm (80 - 82F), water clean, and lots of healthy variety in food. Bettas are tough little fish, don't countl him out just yet, he may surprise you.

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