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MaverickBAS 04-21-2010 12:07 PM

Zebra Danios, Fry, And Cycling
I have a Marineland Eclipse 6 gallon aquarium .
I visited my local tropical fish store, and purchased 3 Zebra Danios as my first fish (other than Bettas I've previously had). I understand they are hardy fish for a new tank, to start the cycling process. Also I was told they will be compatable with fish I add later on.

Now I'm wondering what if I end up with baby Danio's. Do pet stores accept fish in this situation? I would not have room for many more, and I want to get different types of fish too.

aunt kymmie 04-21-2010 12:17 PM

Danios are egg layers and usually in order to breed them you'd lower the water level so the female could lay the eggs and the male could follow behind to fertilize. I doubt you need to worry about having any danio fry. Normally you have to make the effort to breed them, if left alone the eggs will get scattered and eaten.

Byron 04-21-2010 12:21 PM

Zebra danios are egglayers, not livebearers. While they may spawn (assuming you have at least one male and female in the trio) it is unlikely the eggs would hatch or if they did the fry survive. Most fish will readily eat the eggs and fry unless both are very well protected (thick plants, large tank, etc). Danios are easy spawners but very prone to eating the eggs; using marbles for the substrate has often been suggested to protect the eggs which fall down and can't be reached by the fish.

I have various characins (tetras, pencilfish) spawning in my aquaria regularly, and I do sometimes see fry that survive predation, but I have large aquaria thick with plants and wood that offers good hideouts for some of the fry. It's usually the eggs that are eaten, as all fish will readily devour eggs if they come across them.

To answer your second question: If you were to raise the fry to decent size, many stores will accept them, sometimes in exchange for supplies.

A last thought, read the article on cycling at the head of this section, here's a direct link:


Edit: I see kymmie responded while I was typing. B.

MaverickBAS 04-21-2010 01:23 PM

OK thanks guys that is a worry I can put behind me now.

I will study the forum and the cycling link too. Looks like a great source for a novice like myself.

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