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dustin0 04-20-2010 04:20 PM

New to Planted Tanks
Hello everyone

So I wanted to take a dive into a planted tank and hope I can do it

without to many issues. So let me tell you some basic information.
*Tank is 75gallons ( 72x12 )
*I only have the default light I do have a 62W 10K light that I can

use I will need to get a second light
*with the 62Watt light that puts it at 1.2WPG (if im doing the math right)

So what I wanted to do was a community tank (not sure on the fish)

One think I love about planted tanks is a carpet.

When I tried this a few years ago I tried to do a carpet but it did

not grow very fast after about a month there were like two new


So question number 1. What type of plant do you recommend for a good

fast growing carpet?

Next question is simple is a Co2 system (with simple yeast and warm

water) or root tabs recommend?

Do you have any recommendations on what plants to use Ill have

driftwood in the tank.

Also any tips you have to give.

Last question I promise :)
Have any ideas on where to get cheap lights the 62watt light I got

for $150!!!

Below is an image of a planted tank I like.

P.S I will be using 2-3in substrate of Eco-Complete

MoneyMitch 04-20-2010 09:01 PM

First off good luck with your planted setup, i have read many places that a diy yeast co2 is nbot reccomended for larger tanks such as the one you are doing your build with. reports of poor results and constant tampering to get things working right. if i were you (which im not) i would use a fire extinguisher remove the horn and replace with a regulator and all that fancy stuff buy a good diffuser and go for t5 flourecent. for your carpet ive heard of people using dwarf hair grass with good results with the above setup along with EI index for ferts. neons always look great in planted and can be combed nicely with rummy nose tetras or anything that will stay small as a tetra. check craigslist for light setups or offer to part out someones package. you could also check hardware stores for lighting not sure if they have a t5 fixture though might even have some luck at a indoor gardening outlet. or you could always do CFL. as far as plants its totally up to you. if you run either cfl or t5 with a combo of EI method for ferts with c02 you will be able to grow anything. if you have any questions shoot me a pm.


Oldfishlady 04-21-2010 02:20 PM

If you want budget lights get a 48 inch shop light from walmart or home depot for $10 and 6500k 40w daylight bulbs for $5 each, I hang 2 of these over my 75 gallon for a total of 4 bulbs and I change my bulbs every 6 months with a 12 hour photo period.

I don't use CO2 and if you plan on CO2 you will need more light in the 3wpg area or more.

I grow a nice carpet with these light as well as all my plants, I don't use ferts..... but I use dirt on some of my tanks and potting soil on some as well for my substrate and rely on the fish, snails, shrimp to feed the plants.

My plants I grow in these set up:
E. tenellus for my carpet
I have java moss, java fern, hygrophila thin and broad leaf, ludwigia, rotala, myriophyllum, cabomba, naja grass, crypts- wendtii, bronze, vals-corkscrew, jungle, italian, sags- subulata, dwarf, swords-kleiner bar, ozelot, red melon, bleheria, water wisteria and pre packaged lily bulbs, apon bulbs I get at walmart.... to name what I can also grow the HC or baby tears, however, they don't grow a carpet due to too low of light...but it grows...just more up

I love the planted tanks and with the right lights they are pretty easy too, the fish behavior is amazing in the planted tank IMO/E.......

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