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Brent 04-20-2010 09:31 AM

Breeding behavior in new tank (?)
Hi everyone, new to the forum,

okay i used to have 5 harliquins a female guppy and 2 corys in a 10 gal tank using treated tap water. water was very hard and ph-7-7.5

now, ive established a 30gal tank using pure RO water which is at ph 6 and very soft. i put all the fish from the 10gal tank into my 30 gal yesterday and to day i see the harliquins chasing each others bellys and the female are swimming upside down under plant leaves. ive never seen her swim upside down every before. does this mean there trying to breed?

Austin 04-20-2010 01:06 PM

Ummm no. It probably means they are dying. You can't jut throw fish from hard, PH 7-7.5 water into soft, 6 PH water. The harliquins (dunno what they are to be honest) may be becoming aggressive since they are in such shock being moved.

Now, if you adjusted them all properly, and slowly introduced them to the 6 PH water, they could be fine. And heck, maybe breeding, though VERY VERY unlikely. And the guppy may be dying because they are mostly hard water fish either way.

Just as a general note, fish swimming upside down = USUALLY bad news.

jeaninel 04-20-2010 07:05 PM

Harlequins lay their eggs on the underside of plant leaves. You may be seeing spawning activity. I've read that the female will rub her belly on the underside of leaves to entice the male. Mine have done it before but I never saw any eggs. I think they were eaten as quick as the eggs were laid.

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