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dylan94 04-19-2010 05:49 PM

10 Gallon Nano FOWLR
Well, I have a ten gallon freshwater tank with guppies, a betta, cories and shrimp. I was planning on putting them in a 20 gallon tank since I feel they need a bit more room and I plan on converting the 10 gallon into a nano FOWLR tank. I have been doing quite a bit of research on nano tanks and this is what I have planned:
10 gallons
HOB-10-20 gallon filter with carbon
5 lbs of live rock
10lbs of "dead" rock (to be colonized by the live rock inhabitants over time)
2" of live sand
2" of normal sand
normal lighting? or do i need special lighting... there will be no corals in this tank
1 ocellaris clown fish
1 firefish goby
10 astrea snails
3 skunk shrimp
2 hermit crabs
maybe marine plants like gracillaria or others?

I know I said no corals but I heard that soft corals don't need as much light. I just have two normal 10 watt light bulbs, would that be okay for any corals.

I plan on doing 20% water changes every week and topping off evaporated water with RODI water. I plan on getting a RO/DI system anyways for my discus tank.

Please help me. I am a beginner in saltwater aquariums, i know close to nothing, is there anything wrong with my set-up? Anything wrong with my stocking? The reason I put 1 clown and one firefish is because I don't want to pay too much for a pair of clowns and if I just buy two from the LFS they may not get along and may even be the same sex.

If anyone has experience with 10 gallon nano fowlr tanks please share:)

dallops_of_polyps 04-19-2010 06:16 PM

You could try growing low light soft corals like kenya tree close to the surface. But yea that arrangement of fish sounds good. As for inverts i would get 5 hermits and 10 snails and probably 1 maybe 2 skunk shrimp.

dylan94 04-19-2010 06:28 PM

okay... I just read that all clownfish are males and the dominant one will become a female during pairing. If I just got 2 young clownfish would they pair up. If not I am still satisfied with the firefish. Alright so here is the stocking list:
1 ocellaris clown
1firefish goby
5 hermit crabs
10 astrea snails
2 skunk shrimps
2 kenya trees

I plan on keeping the salinity at 1.024 and the temperature at 78 degrees.

I plan on feeding them krill and mysis shrimp. Can I also feed them brine shrimp... if I can, can I just drop the eggs in the tank ang they will hatch. If there are adult brine shrimp living in the live rock, is it possible they will reproduce and maintain a regular population? I read about some kind of pink hard algae. How do I promote it's growth? Can I mix live sand with crushed coral? How do I make the pH at 8.0 or 8.4. Does the saltwater make it go up or is it the substrate, etc.?

dallops_of_polyps 04-19-2010 06:52 PM

you can either have 2 clowns or 1 firefish, the reason being is the clowns will become much more aggressive as a pair. you can feed them brine shrimp but it doesnt contain much nutrients and you can not just place brine eggs in the tank, i believe your confused with copeopods living in the liverock. however there are methods to growing brine shrimp yourself. the hard pink algae will only grow in mature tanks, expect to see some in 4-6 months. you can promote its growth by adding a piece of live rock from an established tank with coraline on it. you can mix liverock with sand but i do not recommend it because it gets algae build up easily and its hard to clean. you maintain ph by adding buffer, buffer comes in solids and liquids, the solid form is cheap and you just mix it with a cup of your tank water and pour it in.

dylan94 04-19-2010 07:12 PM

Okay, thanks.

Just so we are clear, if I get two clowns are they sure to pair up or will they possibly become aggressive towards each other and end up killing one another? I think the clown fish and fire-fish mix will be easier and add more variety.

For the buffer, if it says 5mg for every 20 gallons does that mean I put 5mg or 2.5mg?

If I plan on eventually putting corals in do I need to use reef salt instead of marine salt?

I was thinking of having kenya trees at the top and some polyps and zoas near the bottom since they spread quickly, what do you think of that? I there is crushed coral as a substrate and there is live rock in the tank, will the animals in the live rock colonize the crushed coral? What would you recommend as substrate and how much of it?

dallops_of_polyps 04-19-2010 07:22 PM

there is about a 90% chance of clownfish becoming pairs, more than likely their will be hostility at first. I recommend buying two clowns that are kind of close in size just so when there is violence its not a slaughter. Buffer will not make you ph higher it will only maintain the current ph so i would add about half a teaspoon everyweek. the lighting you have can not really support coral and you would be pushing it with the kenyas. What i would do is get some condy anemones and fed them so they don't rely on light for energy. i recommend about 3 inches of Live Sand. marine salt should work fine for kenyas.

dylan94 04-19-2010 07:47 PM

Okay, so if I want a high pH, how do I raise my neutral water?

I think I will keep it a FOWLR tank and not include any corals or anemones. The fish and live rock will look good without the corals.

okay so:
- 2 ocellaris clown fish
- 10 astrea snails
- 5 hermit crabs
- 2 skunk shrimp

Sound good?

dallops_of_polyps 04-19-2010 07:50 PM

sounds great, but what i meant to say was on the buffer container it has a number like 8.4, this means it cant make the water go any higher than that.

dylan94 04-19-2010 08:20 PM

Okay, thanks.

If I just have normal sand or crushed coral with live rock, will the live rock colonize the sand and then make the sand 'live'?

If I buy a bag of salt for 10 gallons, will I have to buy more salt for when I do water changes? I read that I will also have to add trace elements.

I am very excited for this :)

dallops_of_polyps 04-19-2010 10:10 PM

i would just get saltwater from your lfs, at mine it's a buck per gallon. Live rock will make sand live and but idk how long it will take

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