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pretzelsz 04-17-2010 09:40 PM

Death in the ranks/mysteries
So I went to check on ym fish tank and I saw that my java moss that grew near my air stone has a white thing onit that resembles the roots of a val. I then saw one of my vals had a purple thing that looked like a flower in mid-bloom. Then I looked for my snail...I found it on a dead female swordtail at the bottom of the tank in the middle of the vals. then I looked up and i saw what looked like either a headless fry or a part of a val.(the swordtail was pregnant and now dead) Now dead swordtails are not a new thing to me but I haven't had a casualty in a long long time does any of this mean anything. if so what actions should I take? I am fond of these fish and a death is bad new for me. Also the fish was only 2-3 years old and it might have been inbreed(there are/were 2 inbreed swordtails one is a stunning male) any help is greatly appreciated

Byron 04-18-2010 11:27 AM

It will help members to diagnose possible issues if you post the water conditions. pH, hardness, and any tests for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. I assume this is your 20g in the link.

findingjohn 04-18-2010 11:27 AM

yor fish will some time pass on. Some times a few day at the same time. do you test your water and do weekly water changes? Please let me know.

pretzelsz 04-18-2010 11:40 AM

it is a very well established tank so i stopped testing and i do bi-weekly water changes...i dont have the correct test kits i have saltwater ones and i cant buy new ones but all the fish seem fine.....I'll see what happens now and if i lose more i will get the kits and change the water and see what happens...everything seems to be back to normal the growth on the val has shrunk and the javamoss seems fine now....

findingjohn 04-18-2010 11:48 AM

Plese keep me up to date. Good luck.

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