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milindsaraswala 04-13-2010 09:50 PM

My Another Fresh water Tank
I am going to finish Fish less Cycling in the end of this week with my Length 46" , Height 18" , and Height 16" all in inches. It approx 60 US Gallon. I have already 2 Small Gold Fish in 8 Gallon tank which I am going to transfer in above tank. Now I am finding some cool and colourful fish which my nephew love see them as they are only 6 years old. Can you people suggest me fish for the same.

Castro235 04-13-2010 10:09 PM

I'm still new in all of this, but it seems like with goldfish the tankmates are pretty limited.

Pleco's seem like they can do well in the water, but there's the chance of them killing the goldfish, so I would stay away from them.

White cloud mountain minnows also seem like a good tankmate, but if the goldfish get too much bigger they just seem like a snack.

African dwarf frogs(I believe, there's clawed and dwarf, not sure which is okay) can be good tankmates.

Shubunkins are also good and they're kind of a speckled goldfish looking thing(assuming the goldfish you have are not fancy, you can't keep much with fancy since they'll be outdone for food and won't have much chance)

My local fish store has dragon/violet goby's which they claim are bred and raised in freshwater, and those would be okay if you could find them(most are from brackish, so supposedly only if longterm acclimated to a fresh environment will they do good outside of brackish)

Weather/dojo loaches are supposed to be very good with them, and they're kind of cool and eel-like as well.

I'm still looking into freshwater clams, and I'm hoping they would be suitable, but still not sure.

If you really want to have a very colorful tank with that 60 gallon though, it seems like the best thing to do would be to go with a tropical tank(still freshwater, but with heaters keeping it at a higher temperature)
You wouldn't do very well with the goldfish in the tropical tank according to most people, so I would consider moving away from the goldfish, as they are notorious waste producers, and even in a tank that large just a handful of them can be an overstocked tank.

You have alot of great options if you go with a tropical tank like that though, as plecos, neon tetras, guppies, and all sorts of other species would do well in it, even in decently large numbers.

I would suggest going around, and finding a species you really like, then doing some research on good tankmates, and since there are alot of tropical fish that don't get very large like goldfish, you could have schools of ten or more in the tank and still room for a few more things.

Again, everything I say should be confirmed by some of the people with alot more experience than I have, but I think most of it is fairly accurate, and I'm fairly positive that if you want a really nice looking active colorful tank in that 60 gallon, you would really be very well off going to a tropical tank!

You're taking the right steps cycling the tank properly and doing research before you set everything up, so hopefully you'll have alot of success with it!

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