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stealthify 04-07-2010 09:15 PM

New tank what to do?!
Okay this is probably a good dilemma I have here. My g/f just bought me a stand and a 75 gallon tank from the local petsmart. I currently have a 20L freshwater tank with several fish. So I was thinking about now that I have a larger tank I could venture into the Salt water region of aquariums but the guys at the stores tell me they are a lot more work and tinkering with water quality vs a fresh water. Does anyone have a comment about going from fresh to salt water tank? thanks for any help!

onefish2fish 04-07-2010 09:58 PM

i can say your off to a good start as a 75 gallon is a wider tank which makes placing rocks easier however that was one of your cheaper purchases. a skimmer is going to be needed which for a quality one, it can be pricey. ( there can be deals found on craigslist or a local reefing club, but you dont want to skimp on the skimmer, period. ) you'll need powerheads, heaters, enough live rock, sand, refractometer, lighting depending on what your keeping, a salt mix, liquid test kits for amm, nitrite,nitrate,ph,temp,mag,ca,alk at the minimum, a few other odds and ends, and then youll even need a sump for the skimmer to sit in ( which that 20 L you have would make a decent DIY sump )
what im trying to say, before you begin, realize this will be an expense which will be a long term investment.
im by no means saying you cant do this, and even though you have the tank your still far off from having a tank. research should be done on everything and anything saltwater related. ask questions, read other peoples tank threads, look in your area for a local reefing club and so on.

to answer your question about tinkering and being more work then freshwater, yes it will be atleast at first until you get used to what your doing and things mature.

stealthify 04-07-2010 10:03 PM

10 4 Thats what I thought a lot more stuff to get and do with the tank. I do have a Aquariums for dummies that I received many years ago. I will have to read that about SW tanks and research research research some more.

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