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LaVieEnRose 04-07-2010 08:49 PM

Help me identify a plant?
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I'm trying to find out what the stuff that looks like grass growing on the bottom is. I don't think it's java moss because it doesn't grow as upright as that (or at least that's what a friend told me, I could be wrong) Can you help me out?

Zynthesis 04-07-2010 10:35 PM

This my friend is a nano tank. The bottom is most likely eleocharis, pruned. The flowers have been removed. The bonzi tree looks like christmas tree moss. However it is also post production and tied to the tree for the photo. Looks like it was hydroponically grown in a current system. to keep it long and seperated. The backround also looks like a type of christmas tree moss grown on bog wood or something else who knows.

Bottom line.. The ground cover was grown under high light 8-10 watts per gallon and high co2 since it made deep shooters, the moss even more with high nutrients because there aren't many roots in the moss. The three killie fish in this photo probably haven't been in that tank more then 2 minutes.


LaVieEnRose 04-08-2010 03:51 AM

Thanks a lot for the help!

Are you not supposed to keep fish with this plant? I was hoping to get some for my tank because it looks so nice. Is there a similar looking plant that won't kill my fish?

I've seen something similar here, but is it the same plant? It looks 'softer', I guess

redchigh 04-08-2010 09:23 AM

I use stargrass as a groundcover... Looks nice, have to prune it when it gets a couple inches long (every 1-2 weeks)... but does well with 1-2 wpg and no co2 or ferts in my tank.

although, it doesn't look anything like whats in the photo.

maybe cratonneuron filicinum aka spike moss?
where are you from?

in the US, you can browse sweet aquatics... (

for a nano tank, foregrounds are mostly limited to mosses unless you want to prune something like stargrass 1-2 times a week....
starmoss, riccia, and maybe dwarf baby tears (baby tears needs high light)

as far as I can tell, the plant you're interested in is "utricularia graminfolia"

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