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Sylverclaws 06-04-2014 10:16 PM

Anyone ever seen an Endlers like this?
I know, photo really isn't very good and from the bottom. lol He's so difficult! Only photo I ever managed to get of him even remotely ok...

Anyways, I'm almost positive he's some kind of hybrid, but I have no idea. My guess was the mom was my cobra mix, also has that dark ring around the tail(it's not damage or rot, I thought it was at first too!), and dad was maybe a blue/blonde tuxedo. But again, not positive, just guessing, and it would be odd since this mom was not with my blue/blonde tux, she was however with black bar endlers(no blue tops, though he obviously has a blue dorsal), a Tequila Sunrise Tux(had a red and gold tail) and some tiger mixes. I've had him since last September, he's less than an inch long. Active and sweet little thing...Wish I knew what he was, I'd like to breed more like him, he's gorgeous. :3

So, has anyone ever seen any endlers like this? Maybe a best guess on what he is?

henningc 06-05-2014 07:32 PM

Absolutely a hybred. Not the most attractive Hybred I've seen. These are ok and I produce some really cool hybreds, but I lable them and tell people not to cross to N Class unless it is for their own use.

Sylverclaws 06-05-2014 07:40 PM

Nah, I'm not gonna mix up my n-class endlers with others. Not any of my girls anyways, they're hard to come by! This guy is an unknown though. I never had any n-class, just a bunch of mixed up hybrids someone gave me. I wanted to know what possible mix he could be if anyone has seen some like him before. He's actually pretty attractive, but that's my opinion. I also like the brighter colors, but his dark blend with the yellow and black tail and blue-top dorsal fin is pretty cool. EVENTUALLY I'll get a proper side shot of him, if he'd ever hold still! He's real active and sweet. :3

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