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Axioq 04-07-2010 07:32 PM

Stocking New 29Gal Tank
I'm a newbie to the forums as this is my first post. I bought a 29gal tank on Monday and since then i have added water, decorations and such, just waiting for the tank levels to even out a little bit more. I have always been really interested in Cichlids and am aware that a 29 gal may not be the best for these fish as they need larger tanks, i just don't have the space. My main question is would it be possible for me to have these fish or at the very least have the dwarf cichlids?

I was hoping to have like 2-4 cichlids and then just random smaller fish or possible a school of something...not sure where to start as i have so many ideas in my head

Also let me know what you think of the tank setup so far as well as my "dip stick" readings

Axioq 04-07-2010 07:40 PM

mollies 04-08-2010 01:49 AM

what kind of cichlids are you wanting?
Central american.
New world.

Axioq 04-08-2010 09:00 AM

I was hoping for African but really open to any of them. I just want to have a pair or something to be the main attraction and possiblly some other fish...any suggestions open to anything
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mollies 04-08-2010 12:06 PM

i would say a pair of kribs

Axioq 04-08-2010 04:19 PM

what other fish would be good to add in addition to the kirbs?

iamntbatman 04-09-2010 04:22 AM

If you get a pair you can expect them to breed. I wouldn't add any other bottom-dwellers in that case and would instead add a nice school of mid to top level swimmers to act as dithers. I had black ruby barbs with mine and they did really well. I've also kept zebra danios with them without issue and currently have Australian rainbows with my pair.

If you get just a single krib, you have a lot more options. A school of corydoras for the bottom, some schoolers for the middle/top, maybe some other centerpiece fish, etc. Just avoid tiny fish that the krib might mistake for food.

If you don't want to go the community route you could keep a few of the more aggressive cichlids together, like maybe a convict, a jewel and a salvini, though you wouldn't be guaranteed to have a "problem-free" tank by any stretch of the imagination.

Byron 04-09-2010 01:34 PM

Hi and welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping.

As this is a new tank, you will have to cycle it to avoid killing any fish you put in it. Iamntbatman did a good article on cycling that is a "sticky" at the head of the Freshwater Aquarium section, here's a direct link:

During the cycling, you will have ammonia, then nitrite, and lastly nitrate readings. They are at zero now because no ammonia has gone into the tank to start the cycle.

Have a read, then feel free to post any questions you may have.


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