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Emmh 06-04-2014 04:32 PM

Best way to treat fin rot?
One of my platies has come down with a bit of fin rot. I'm doing frequent water changes and read that treating with melafix and aquarium salt would probably clear it up. The only thing is I have cories in the tank and have heard that they are very sensitive to salt. My QT isn't done cycling so I cant separate the platy from the cories. Would aquarium salt be safe to use just to treat the fin rot? If not what other way can I treat it that will be safe for them?

Sylverclaws 06-04-2014 10:31 PM

Aquarium salt+cories is a bad idea, they don't like salt. It's not good for any scaleless or armored fish. You could, but they wont be comfortable and there is a risk...but it killing them or doing serious damage is rare. Depends how much you use. Clean water and a bit of salt will be fine, so long as you use a small dosage of salt(half required dose).

Really though, clean water typically gets it done. If you have been keeping the water clean, and don't have a tank too fully stocked to properly maintain and keep's likely a stubborn infection. I'd suggest you find an antibacterial medicine that is safe for cories and platies. Melafix is down on the list since cories have a labyrinth, and melafix+labyrinth fish is dangerous as it can coat the organ and hurt it's function.

I think one of the maracyn medicines treat fin rot, infections and the like and is safe for them. You'd have to check though. I've used it on a betta with finrot, worked like a charm, I just can't remember which maracyn it was!

If you want to use salt and melafix, I suggest you get a 5 gallon QT tank, use water and filter media from your current tank to help cycle it quick so you don't hurt your platy further, treat him there so you don't hurt your cories.

Emmh 06-04-2014 10:52 PM

thank you for the reply would adding some stress coat help at all?

Sylverclaws 06-04-2014 11:43 PM

Stress coat can help, but it may not fix the problem. Stress Coat improves the slime coat and helps lessen stress on your fish, it also is an ok water conditioner. =) If the damage is being done because the slime coat was damaged, it may help...but if it's a stubborn infection it'll need antibiotics. Clean water usually does the trick otherwise. =)

Stress coat may help lessen the stress on your fish from the water changes you've been doing. What you want is to keep clean, but don't over-clean, see? If your tank is properly stocked and you don't over-feed your fish, regular weekly changes should be doing it(30% should be keeping up with a properly stocked tank, less is fine for understocked tanks, over-stocked tank would need larger changes, but I don't know how many fish or what kind you have!). Also, make sure none of your other fish are picking at him as that prevents healing.

How big is your tank, what kind of fish do you have and how many of each? If you have improper stocking via either group sizes or fish that aren't the best idea, that could be an issue too, especially if you have nippy fish.

Emmh 06-05-2014 02:41 AM

20 gal with 4 platies and 5 cories and one apple snail. they don't nip at each other as far as I can tell, though all the platies are male. I heard fin rot can be caused by poor water quality and I'm afraid this is how it may have happened. I normally do 30% water changes weekly but I skipped a week because I went on vacation and came back to find my ammonia levels spiking (normally at 0) they were at .50 (maybe my sister over fed them while I was gone?) Did an immediate water change 50%. Tuesday I noticed the fin rot, changed the water again, then again on Wednesday thinking super clean water was the way to start.

Sylverclaws 06-05-2014 06:25 PM

You know, that's pretty good stocking for a twenty gallon. Males may be picking on each other, it happens...30% a week should be doing it perfectly, skipping a week MIGHT have caused issues...depending how it was left. Vacation feeder? That can sometimes do it. Not feeding them and having them nip each other could have then too.

I suggest you just do a nice change, if you haven't already, and add in a safe antibacterial. That should do the trick unless it's a lot worse than I think it is. Clean water SHOULD be doing the trick for this since you are not over-stocked and keep up with maintenance(give it a week if you haven't yet, it'll take longer to heal and grow back, typically a couple weeks, but the rot should be going away), aside from the one week that may or may not have caused it. If any swelling has come with this fin rot, you will need an antibacterial medication ASAP. I had a swordtail a while back who was nipped and not let heal. By the time I noticed the swelling and moved him for treatment it was bad, so keep an eye out for it. Once swollen it's infected, and infections can come just from being constantly pestered by other fish.

Emmh 06-05-2014 07:34 PM

It was my sister feeding them while I was gone she's only 9 and she may have fed them more than she should have. I'll keep up the water changes, as for antibacterial, how am I supposed to know what might affect the labyrinth on the cories? Everything I've looked at says it's safe for all fish.

Sylverclaws 06-05-2014 07:38 PM

It should say whether or not it's safe for armored or labyrinth fish. You can ask about antibacterials on here if you want to. My knowledge on meds is a little lacking unfortunately or I would tell you which ones for sure are safe. But make a thread asking what antibacterials are safe for platies and cories. =)

Emmh 06-05-2014 07:43 PM

okay thanks!

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