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spoot 04-07-2010 04:11 PM

strabge cory behavior
I have 4 "green" corys that have for the past few days constantly swam up and down the front of the tank. They aren't going all the way to the top like they are gasping, but they aren't exhibiting typical cory patrol manuvers. The substrate is a mix of pea gravel and play sand. The only other inhabitants are 4 female red tux swords who are acting normal. The tank has had plants/water for about a week and a half before adding the corys and swords. It's pretty heavily planted and was seeded from an existing tank (not the 55 for those familiar with my ich dilemma with it). I honestly haven't seen corys do this. My PH was in the mid 7s last time I tested (Monday) I don't think it has changed but will test again tonight. Ammonia was 0. I would think trates and trites are low due to the amount of live plants. Can test for that as well if needed.
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d0r0g0 04-08-2010 08:10 AM

I've experienced that before. My Cory's did it for about a full month after I added them - and they still do in the mornings right after the light comes on.

I don't think you anything to worry about.

Coryologist 04-08-2010 04:39 PM

Yes - perfectly normal behavior. - Frank

spoot 04-09-2010 12:05 PM

Two of em are acting like normal cories now. The other two are still being goofs, but it has grown on me.
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hamfist 04-10-2010 07:26 AM

Last year, I had a group of bronze cories in a 30 gallon for a while, and they behaved exactly as "normal" cories behave.
However, when I put them into an 80 gallon (fully cycled) they all just manically swam up and down the sides all day. Now I expect cories in a new tank to do this for a couple of days, but this went on for weeks. In the end I couldn't stand it anymore, it was so hectic all the time. I traded them in for some Brochis splendens, who settled into the tank beautifully.

Now, I've no idea what it was about the 80 gallon that made those corys act so unsettled, for so long. The water stats were perfect. The source water was exactly the same as the previous tank. THere was just something about the tank, it's dimensions, or it's layout that they didn't like.

to d0r0g0 ... interesting that you had some that behaved like that for a full month. Maybe I just wasn't patient enough with mine.
I do love a peaceful tank though, and their hectic behaviour just did my head in after a while.

Byron 04-10-2010 11:55 AM

Corydoras are a unique group of fish. Many species will behave this way at first, but once they settle in, it changes. Some take longer. And some revert to this frantic swimming regularly. And the environment (including how many of them there are, same species and mixed) also plays a part.

I had a single C. duplicareus (last one in the store) who swam fairly frantically constantly for a week, then he settled down. After a few months, he was moved into another aquarium, and the frantic swimming started up again and lasted for a couple of months. Last July I re-set my empty 115g and moved him in there along with 3 small corys of the same species (finally found some). He was quiet from day one, and has never resumed frantic swimming since then.

I have a trio of C. panda along with other species in my present 90g. I have had the pandas for more than a year now. They are almost always together, and almost every evening they do the frantic swim up and down one or other walls of the aquarium, sometimes together, sometimes a pair, sometimes individually on different walls. But every evening between 6 and 9, almost without fail, same behaviour. But during the rest of the day, never. The other cory species in this tank never do this.

They seem to have their own personalities, which is one thing that makes them such wonderful little fish. And their ability to turn their eyes which makes it appear as if they are winking at you is priceless.


Brie 04-19-2010 09:13 PM

I joined this forum tonight to find just this exact information on my new Emerald Cories. I got them five days ago and all three just swim in a frenzy 24/7 up and down the front of the tank, side to side like they are zooming on speed. This being my first tank and first fish oh and first live plants... I'm a little edgy when the fish don't act like they should.

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