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Grimmjow 04-06-2010 11:31 PM

My gravel has lice
So I look into my little 3g betta tank and see these little bubbles floating around/on the glass/throughout the gravel. They look like mini fleas except clear. Never seen them before, what could they be?

Edit: Just noticed hes eating them, hope his free food isnt too bad.

aunt kymmie 04-06-2010 11:37 PM

It sounds exactly like daphnia to me (excellent food for fish) but where/how would live daphnia get introduced to your tank? Daphnia's locomotion resembles that of a flea. Are you seeing movement from these "creatures"? Can you google daphnia and see if it's a match?

Grimmjow 04-06-2010 11:51 PM

From what i can see ya, they are like the size of a period and i dont have a magnifying glass but ya it looks like them.

aunt kymmie 04-06-2010 11:59 PM

Well, if it's daphnia it's a good food for your betta. I feed frozen daphnia to my fish at least once a week. How ever in the world did live daphnia make its way into your tank?? Any chance you placed something in the tank (a plant or rock?) from a stillwater lake or pond? Daphnia normally live in these type of environments.

Angel079 04-07-2010 05:41 AM

That's kinda funny. I'd just not feed the fish then for a few days and let them take care of it naturally ;-)

Grimmjow 04-07-2010 06:23 AM

I have no idea how they got in there, its been months since ive added anything in there

Grimmjow 04-07-2010 06:52 AM

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Took a pic with my phone to see if maybe this would give a visual.

karjean 04-07-2010 07:28 AM

Angel has a good recommendation not to feed them for a few days.

Grimmjow 04-11-2010 06:07 AM

I dont think hes eating them anymore, I think he would rather just watch them. So theres a lot more them now, any reason to worry about it?

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