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Leprichon 04-05-2010 10:28 PM

base rock?
Im converting a setup from fresh water to salt water...Im rather sure that Ill take an intermediate rout in the meantime and do a brackish water thing...I need to up my limestone question is:
  • Should I buy BASE ROCK or Texas HOLEY rock or something else?
  • Does cheaper base rock (after pretty much all of the living components of it are dead) reseed itself (after I fully switch from brackish to salt water) with a bit of live rock added in, or (once its in just brackish water - and all the living components of it are dead) will it allways remain devoid of life (even after I fully switch to salt water)?

wake49 04-06-2010 09:07 AM

You will find it harder to switch the tank since the concepts of filtration are different. Brackish tanks still use the methods of filtration that freshwater use. I do not think that the bacteria and microlife of the live rock will survive a brackish tank.

If you are buying dry rock and setting up a tank, why not just go marine from the get-start? The startup costs will be relative, considering you are not buying a HOB or canister filter for the marine tank. That money can than be put into a nice Protein Skimmer.

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