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Christaphason 04-05-2010 07:28 PM

Freshly cycled 15 gallon
My 15 gallon just finished cycling, I seeded my new filter in my old tank for this purpose, and im wondering if this would be fine, as for as stocking goes

2-3 Male Guppies or Platys

5 Peppered Corys

5 ottos

Maybe a few Ghost Shrimp if possible


karjean 04-05-2010 08:26 PM

Have you looked at the aqadvisor?

Christaphason 04-05-2010 08:48 PM

Thanks for the link!

iamntbatman 04-06-2010 03:32 AM

I think you'd likely be ok with that stocking list, but I would wait until the tank has been established for several months before adding the otos as they're quite sensitive. Also, what are the pH and hardness of your water?

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