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Tomsk 04-05-2010 06:04 PM

the amazing disapearing tetras
Hi all,
my 10g has finished cycling.I put in 3 zebra danios,all seemed well.After 2 weeks I added 2 leopard danios to put the school up to 5 and for 3 weeks all seemed happy.On friday I added 6 neon tetras (thursday night i did a 40% WC ,they seemed happy (i did a 20 minute bag sink,with 5min add tank water to the bag etc).All afternoon/evening they seemed happy,schooling together and the danios scholled together as they met their new tank mates).Saturday morning/early afternoon i could only see 5 tetras (i looked everywhere,plus I lifted up the hood to look behind plants and see all of the surface).Unfortunatly I was away saturday night sunday night as I was requested to man a cannon for a american civil war battle (meh,I like big guns).I rang my wife sunday night and she could only see 3 tetras (which freaked her out,imagining be killed by loose tetras making their way to her bedroom and killing her....give my wife a life threating situation she is calm,mention something mild she panics :roll: ).
I got back tonight only 3 tetras around.Any ideas?
My guess is 3 died from stress (over 2 days) and got eaten overnight.I havent tested the water yet,but with a 40% WC the night before i added them i guess that nitrate is not the problem (i did the nitrite,amm check the week beforehand and all was well as per usual,though i'll find out tomorrow)


herbwin 04-05-2010 06:49 PM

If a neon dies in my tank, there is never a corpse. Even if tankmates don't eat them, they break down so quickly there is seldom any evidence.

On the other hand, the MIAs could just be hiding, but prob not...
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Byron 04-06-2010 05:41 PM

Test ammonia, nitrite and nitrate if you can. Also pH of the tank and the tap water. Post numbers please.
Are there live plants in the tank?
What is the temperature?
What water conditioner did you use?
Are you adding any other substances other than water conditioner to this tank? Please name them if you are.


Tomsk 04-07-2010 02:35 PM

I tested the water this evening.(Tetratest liquid kits) Ammonia 0 mg Nitrite < 0.3 mg/l (lowest colour on the chart),I havent got a nitrate tester but I did a 40% WC the day before i put the tetras in.PH is 7.7 Its a medium planted tank.I use Nutrafin aqua+ for the water change,I dont use any other substances in the tank.
Temp is 78.

Another tetra disapeared overnight.Just 2 left.They dont seem to be acting strangely and no nips on the fins.The danio's and snails seem fine too.

Byron 04-07-2010 03:23 PM

From your information (thank you) I would suggest there are two possibilities.

First possibility, the fish had problems. Did you see anything amiss in the store tank, like some fish in the tank acting odd, or dead? This is something I used to miss, until I introduced something very nasty and now I am much more observant. The other issue here is, how long had they been in the store? If recent, they are still in shock from the transport, perhaps different water parameters in the store, etc. With characins I have found it advisable to wait at least one week, sometimes two before I buy them. I always do this with corys too, always, and since I have started this I have never lost a cory unlike previously.

My next idea concerns water parameters. I know they are tank raised (rarely will you find wild ones these days) but I also know that many authors still recommend soft, acidic water for neons long-term, and from what I have read here and elsewhere there are many neon losses among aquarists. The hardness may be more important in this. A pH of 7.7 with soft water may be fine, but with hard water not so good. Related to this, do you happen to know what the store maintains for pH and hardness? Some stores adjust their water so they can accommodate more fish with different preferences. I always like to know this about the store if I buy fish there, so I know what if any additional acclimating at home I may have to consider.

I had asked about other additives because characins are highly sensitive to all chemicals and medications. But that isn't an issue here.

Tomsk 04-07-2010 04:09 PM

Thanks for the feedback.The store I bought them from does let the new fish rest before selling (I see tanks with fish having notes on the outside saying "not for sale,resting after journey").I couldnt see any obscure activity in the tank of tetras I got them from.I have bought plants from them before,but not fish.

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