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kaitlinmae 04-04-2010 07:51 PM

Help! My Guppy just had babies!
Two Days ago I set up my first freshwater aquarium. I have 6 guppies (3 males and 3 females), two dalmation mollys, 2 neon tetras, 2 ghost shirmp, and 2 african dawrf frogs. It is about 5.5 gallons, and I have a quiet flow 10 filter. That being said today I went to feed my fish and I noticed a few little fish swimming about. I took them out of the tank for fear that the other fish might eat them. I believe they are guppy babies because one of the female guppies looks smaller than yesterday, and it looks like the dark area that was located on her stomach is now gone, however it could be anyone of the other fish or frogs in the tank. I do not have any idea what to do to keep these little fish alive, and i have no time to prepare. Please Help!!

car0linab0y 04-04-2010 07:54 PM

you could always get a breeder net and keep them in there until they're big enough not to be food.

redchigh 04-05-2010 02:49 AM

Are there any plants/hiding places in your tank?
Do you have rock some irregularly shaped rocks in your tank?
To you have dark colored or rainbow colored gravel?

If one of these are true, you can put the babies back in the tank. Just remember, guppies give birth monthly, and sometimes, for me, weekly.
You can't save all of them- (you wouldn't have room- more on that shortly) so why not let nature decide which ones are the fastest swimmers, and let the strong survive.

You said you set your tank up two days ago? Did you cycle it?
It seems a bit overstocked...

Also, what's your PH of the water? Wondering because the neons and frogs prefer an acid (below 7, think about 6.5) while the guppies and mollies prefer 7.5 which is basic. Might not seem like a big difference, but 6 is ten times more acidic than 7...

Also, neons do not do well in small groups, which leaves you with a slight problem- they do best in groups of 6+ fish- which you don't have room for. If I were you, I'd test the water... and either take the neons back/give them away or take the guppies and mollies back and get about 7 more neons and maybe one more small fish (that doesn't need a group)

Herbicide 04-05-2010 11:54 AM

Also, male guppies are relentless little balls of energy. Imagine being nine months pregnant (or I guess one month, because you're imagining being a guppy) and having a horny little man following you at every turn trying to mate with you!
I would ideally either return two of the male guppies, or swap one for another female. You should have more females than males, because that way, the horny little man leaves you alone for a while to chase a different pregnant lady, and then you can, say, eat and enjoy some personal swimming time.

Oh and I second everything 'ol MacGyver said. Except I have a pH which is consistently higher than 8 and my frog has lived in there for months... But maybe that's why he's always hiding?

redchigh 04-05-2010 04:01 PM

well I wasn't totally sure about the frogs, I haven't kept them in a long time...

but the neons for sure need acidic water.

Let us know if you've cycled the tank.
If not, immediate action is required, or all your fish could die.

Herbicide 04-05-2010 05:47 PM

Oh I agree on the neons. Especially these days, they're so darn delicate. It's a shame. The ones I had when I was little were quite hardy.

kaitlinmae 04-06-2010 11:36 AM

What exactly is needed to cycle the tank? I have only treated the water, but do not have the pH regulated yet. My one frog died and the other one is slugish so I moved his to another tank, do you think that because of the pH? I'm sorry I don't know much, I should have looked into it more before I bought them but I had know idea there was this much behind raising fish.

eileen 04-06-2010 03:46 PM

If you have another tank that has been up and running for sometime you can use the filter pad to put in the new tank. This has good Bacteria in it. you can buy a bio sponge at the fish store and put this in front of your intake flow to collect the good bacteria once the tank gets cycled. A bio sponge can be cut to fit in front of your intake flow if you do not have a bio-filter. This should never be replaced only rinsed lightly if needed with treated water so you do not destroy the good bacteria. If you know of any friends that have a tank set up that has been going for a few months you can borrow a filter pad from them or even gravel or sand has the bacteria in it to help you tank cycle. Since you already bought the fish already the only thing you can do is a 1/4 water change each day to keep the water good til the tank cycles. You have way to many fish for a small 5.5 gal. tank. If you can take some back to the store or rehome some of them that would help as to many fish added at once will throw off your cycle. I bought this stuff called Cycle that has good bateria in it to get things going and speed up the cycle. Feed your fish lightly maybe once every other day as excess food is bad for a new tank. More food equals more poop with makes excess ammonia. Once your tank cycles then it will be easy to keep it up with 1/4 water changes once a week and testing the water qty once a week with a dropper master test kit like API. Do not use the test strips as they are not to accurate.

Your Mollies will get about 3" when full grown, guppies about 2", you would have been better off getting small endlers for that tank over the guppies as they are like guppies but smaller in size.
The neon tetras and the ghost shrimps might die as they like older tanks that have been running for sometime and are sensitive to new tanks. The rule to go by is 1 inch of fish per gal. of water and that would be an adult size fish so if they were small you have to consider the adult size. Under stocked is better then over stocked. Also having a mixed sexed guppies and mollies will produce babies every month. You might want to have all males only so that you do not have tons of baby fish. Besides the male guppies are nicer looking then the females.

Herbicide 04-06-2010 04:27 PM

I agree, you should probably go with all male guppies, didn't really think of that.
The frog probably died because the tank is not cycled. My friend tried to set up a 5.5gallon with just a frog and he died after 2 weeks. I asked her and she didn't know about cycling and I was like oh no no no. So I set it up and cycled it for her (using tap water with the same really high pH that my town's water always has) and I got her a new frog. I've since moved him to my 20 gal, but he lived just fine in the cycled tank, same water and all.
You just need to cycle. I would recommend you get a very hardy plant in there. And less fish. Or a bigger tank.
You can read about cycling here:

And to help you stock your tank to the appropriate level, is a ridiculously easy and helpful tool. I use it all the time and I love it.

Herbicide 04-06-2010 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by kaitlinmae (Post 358151)
What exactly is needed to cycle the tank? I have only treated the water, but do not have the pH regulated yet. My one frog died and the other one is slugish so I moved his to another tank, do you think that because of the pH? I'm sorry I don't know much, I should have looked into it more before I bought them but I had know idea there was this much behind raising fish.

Oh and don't be sorry. Everyone has to start somewhere. I would def. recommend doing more research though. You'd be surprised how many people do exactly what you did, especially since the people at a lot of chain pet stores aren't too helpful. Take my friend with the un-cycled 5.5g tank. She's an animal science major at UC Davis for goodness sake, so don't feel too bad :P

So yeah, more research :) Don't give up!

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