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sage5911 04-03-2010 12:26 PM

I need help...
I have a 30 gallon tank with 6 mollies and 2 guppies. One of them had babies which I scooped out and put in a floating breeder box. I am pretty sure it was my female guppy the gave birth. Anyway, One of my female mollies whom I also suspect is pregnant, had/has white spots all over her as of last night. I woke up this morning and another molly has the spots ,but not as many. What is it? How do I fix it? Also if I treat whatever it is will it hurt my babies? OH, and why are almost all my fish hangign around the bottom in corners of the tank? I have lots of plants and places to hide and I think in about a week I can let the fry go into the main community. I only got these fish because my girls thought it would be fun but now I am having the most fun with it!!!:lol: Who would have thought?!?!? Any and all help would be great... I have no clue what to do! Thanks. Oh, how often should I change the water? How much should I change at a time?

TankMAster 04-03-2010 01:14 PM

Heres a few questions to give you your answer.

How long have you had this tank running?
- If it's a few days to a week old, chances are that the bacterial population isn't established

Is your water misty or white in color?
- If it is, this is caused by the above problem. The lack of bacteria means a rise in ammonia. This could be a reason for your fish hanging around the bottom of the tank. This could be ammonia poisoning

What is the temperature of your water?
- anything below 79F and you will have parasites waiting to lash out. This along with the bad quality of your water present diseases in the tank. This is the cause of the white spots (Ich/ick) on your fish.

Remove the fry before treating ick. They will surely die with any ick treatment.

Treat ick with an ick medication remembering to remove your carbon from your filter.

Hope this helps.

sage5911 04-07-2010 04:44 PM

Well I treated the tank with the ick treatment before I read all the suggestions. All the fry survived. I have no more ick. Thanks for all your help.

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