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newby30gallon 04-02-2010 03:05 PM

new to coral-need help with lighting
T8 setup- 2 fluorescent standard bulbs marineland F18T8 Natural Daylights, wanting to get the most basic of corals, what type of lighting should i use: 50/50, 10,000K, trichromatic, actinic? also what is the typical beginner coral? thanks

toonyace316 04-02-2010 03:46 PM

IDK about lighting, but good beginners for low-light are Mushrooms and Zoanthids.

EDIT: T8's probably won't work. There are good 50/50 CFL fixtures or a 10,000 K HO T5 with an Actinic from Coralife. Both of these could support those corals.

outpost 05-05-2010 08:41 PM

As far as lighting you should have at least 4 watts per gallon. I use 2x 65 watt 50/50 Power compact lighting on my 29 gallon reef. A good, inexpensive lighting option would be Power Compact. has some super deals but, some people don't really like them and think that they are cheap. If you ask me, why pay more for a name. has stepped up their game and I think it would be a good buy. As far as beginner coral zoanthids mushrooms and leathers would be a great place to start. I also have LPS and SPS coral in my tank. You just have to place the SPS at the very top of your reef structure closest to the light and LPS about halfway up or at the top when using 4 watts per gallon of PC lighting.

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