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Rue 03-08-2007 02:17 PM

I might have to reconsider my tank...
...I've been researching and planning my planted tank for a couple of months now...

...I've researched tank sizes and settled on a 75 g, substrates, substrate heaters, lights, canopies, fertilzers, plants, fish, CO2 canisters, biotopes...etc.

Now I'm wondering if I'm currently in the mood to look after it all...

Something else I've always wanted is an Oscar tank...

...I wouldn't need the lights, the CO2, the substrate, the substrate's sounding nice and simple...

...but is it???

If I want 2 Oscars and a Pleco...I'd then need a 120 g tank...and huge filtration, right? Then what? 10% water changes weekly to keep up with all the pooping these fish do? How much do I overfilter by? LOL...I'm gonna drive myself crazy long before I even bring the tank home...

That also means I'll be keeping my over-stocked 25g, and looking for a new tank for the 2 goldfish and the dojo...


squiggles1 03-08-2007 02:57 PM

lol, yea, so many different ideas so little time. oscars are very cool but planted tanks are beautiful and good for the fish.... guess i'm not helping...get rid of your couch and have them both!!! :lol:

Falina 03-08-2007 03:09 PM

quite agree. i almost got rid of one of my sofa chair things in order to get my new tank in, instead i removed the fireplace and put it there.

Rue 03-08-2007 03:23 PM

I'm not sure I want to give up my sofa just yet...I've already given up a corner of the family room to my parrots :lol:

Should I get the Oscar tank, I'd end up keeping the 25 g community as is...and would have to upgrade my goldfish tank as well...that would give me 3 tanks to look after...and that's 2 more than I had originally planned for... :wink:

Falina 03-08-2007 03:53 PM

if you have the time, or are willing to make the time, go for it

Rue 03-08-2007 04:15 PM

I have the time... :D's the water-hauling ability I'm doubting... :roll:

Falina 03-08-2007 05:54 PM

i know what you mean. ive got a 35g tank cycling just now and after i got all my gravel and plants in place it was time to fill it up. back and forth from the kitchen with the biggest pot i could find, but still it seemed like an endless return trip from kitchen to tank (and its an awful lot smaller than what youre considering) with increasingly sore arms especially since they had just got my tank from fish store - train, train - house. i shall suffer for a few days for this. once youve got it all set up itll make it worthwhile, and after that youre going to be doing smaller water changes most of the time, which wouldnt be as bad.

Rue 03-08-2007 06:02 PM

...yes, that's what I'm hoping for...

I suppose I should just consider it an upper-body workout...

...or I can rope in my 'men' to do it for me... 8)

...bad part about that is that they'll expect favours in supper... :shock:

Follow It Home 03-08-2007 06:25 PM

haha that makes me glad that I have my room in the basement and have a 100 gallon holding tank that I can just hook a hose up to :lol:

Rue 03-08-2007 06:37 PM

As nice as it would be to just hook up a hose (actually...I might be able to do that for draining the tank...but not for filling it...)...I don't think I want a tank in the basement...

I have my gold fish downstairs (in the rec room) and rarely see them anymore since I don't 'live' downstairs...

However, it's nice and cool for them downstairs, year-round, so they have to live there...

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