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Austin 04-01-2010 03:37 AM

Question about reproduction of crypts as well as some other aquatic plants?
I was looking up crypts and how they reproduce, and I didn't realize they sent out shoots underneath the soil. So I guess that's how all my crypts have so many plants next to each other. I think one of my crypts has had a few "baby" plants. :] But I'm wondering, how do you separate them without disturbing the roots too much? Using scissors or a knife seems hard when you can't see underground where you are cutting...

I found this while searching google, a post about crypts and reproduction to another person's question on a different forum.

"The runners may be cut w/scissors or knife or razor blade, but I tend to use fingernails."

"The clump of crypts should be divided periodically (in my tanks*, 1-3 year intervals). "

I know this is far off in the future, but im still curious.

Also I'm curious how dwarf saggitaria and swords reproduce. I originally believed it was "shoots" that was how ALL of these reproduced. My understanding was it sent out a little stem from the plant with a bunch of daughter plants attached. I saw this at the pet store on some of the (I believe) swords years ago so I'm a bit confused now by which reproduce above and which reproduce below the soil...

Which is it for saggitaria and swords? :3 and valsneria (mine like totally died in my 29g but one is doing ok in 10g. Bought 3 for 1.50$ at petsmart. Not the best quality plants :/ wish I could order from sweetaquatics but its not worth ordering one plant for 10$ shipping :()

Thanks all! :) If you know a link with all this info you can just link me instead of typing it all out. ^_^

Sorry for my constant questions... idk if I should make a new thread each time but idk how else to ask.

Austin 04-01-2010 03:56 AM

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I think I can answer my own question about saggitaria!!!! :D:D:D!!!

I see a little new plant popping up next to one of the larger ones!!! (from underground)

I'm so excited! :)

I'm so happy my plants are doing good! :D

Bet you all think I'm crazy getting so worked up about a new saggitaria... you're probably reproduce like crazy! :p

Constantly paranoid I'm going to do something wrong with my plants. That's just me... paranoia xP. Makes me feel at ease when I see them reproducing... means they're thriving. :]

Promelas 04-01-2010 09:17 AM

Vals will send out runners as well, either under the soil or over depending on where it pops out..If you don't want to move the new plants they'll eventually pull themselves down into the substrate. They should send a bunch out as well, I started with 2 a couple months ago and now have 5 or 6.

Byron 04-01-2010 11:59 AM

Crypts: Unless you want to move the baby plants elsewhere, leave them where they are. Crypts will form lovely clumps which is one of their features that makes them good substrate cover plants. If you do want to move the daughter plant, pull it up and cut the runner; I also use my fingernail. Then plant the daughter plant where you want it. Allow crypt daughter plants to develop sufficient roots and leaves before moving them, they are slow growing plants and without sufficient roots and leaves the separated plants will likely die.

Vallisneria & Sagittaria: both send out runners from which numerous daughter plants will spring up. These can be left to form clumps (they will both send runners throughout the aquarium if allowed to over time), or again the daughter plants can be removed. These plants form roots and leaves quickly, so can be moved sooner than crypts. Same process as for crypts; here again I break the runner with my fingernail. I frequently break the runner close to the main plant and pull up the small plant(s) if I do not want these expanding further, as they will eventually cover the substrate.

Swords: Pygmy chain swords do exactly the same as Vall and Sag, and the processes are identical to move them or remove them. Also very fast reproducing plant.

Other swords send out flower stalks from the crown, sometimes one, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. The stalks grow toward the surface and out of the water if allowed to, or can be held under water. With submersed growth of the parent plant (underwater), flowers do not usually develop but daughter plants will form from each node on the stalk. When these have formed sufficient roots (long white roots downward) and leaves, usually 3+ months, they can be separated by gently pulling the daughter plant downward along the stalk. The daughter plant is then planted as normal. You can leave the daughter plants on the stalk, they will continue to develop, but I find they attract algae (brush algae) since they are close to the surface and after 5-6 months tend to look rather ratty, so it is usually best to remove some of them.

Austin 04-01-2010 07:13 PM

Ahhh, ok. You recommend uprooting them though to separate them?

aunt kymmie 04-01-2010 07:18 PM

Austin- don't uproot a crypt. They don't like being disturbed and can end up "melting". I had a beautiful crypt and instead of just cutting off a daughter section I uprooted it so I could cut the entire plant in half. It had just overgrown its corner. The half that I cut off and replanted did just fine but the other half "melted" and still only has just a few new leaves. I wish I had never touched it!

Byron 04-01-2010 07:57 PM

Kymmie is absolutely right; what I meant was uproot the daughter plant, you have to if you intend to move it, and cut the runner, leaving the parent plant alone. But if you don't want to move the daughter plant, don't touch any of them.

Austin 04-01-2010 09:10 PM

Oh, ok, thanks! :) I don't plan to touch them any time soon. They still have lots of room for growth.

thanks again. :]

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