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Frost 03-30-2010 05:35 PM

Green Terror is dying
I have a 20 gallon high and up until this afternoon I had 2 green terrors, one juvenile female and one adult male. The male, Dexter, was in my tank for a few weeks to recover from the beating he took in my friends 55 gallon but my buddy picked him up earlier. The water was getting a little murky so I decided to change a good portion of the water. I took out the female, Rita, and a pleco and while I was cleaning the tank Rita jumped out of the container I had her in, luckily I noticed her on the floor while she was still alive and put her back into the pot. When I put both of the fish back into the tank Rita went to the bottom and sat there. I thought this was normal because it's what she did when I first put her in. I went to get guppies for her and when I came back she was on her side in the front of the tank. Her eyes are getting milky and her gills aren't moving very fast. I'm assuming that she'll die, but I can't do anything except keep my fingers crossed. What could have gone wrong? Was it the fall onto the floor or something else maybe? Any advice is helpful. If she does die I'm probably going to restock my tank with african cichlids.

Redknee 03-30-2010 06:12 PM

You can not keep a green terror in 75 liters of water. 1 of those little monsters needs about 55G(209 liters) of water.
Dirty water, small overcrowded tank, fall on the head are but a few of the reasons that might be behind your problem.
It can also be the water if it's not cycled yet it can be a huge problem.
The water you used for the water change could have had chlorine in it.
The white eyes can be a bacterial infection.
But these are just a few of the reasons, maybe someone who keeps g terrors can give more info on the problem.
Good luck with the fish.
Also a 20G is very small for african cichlids, think bigger if you want that kind of fish.

Frost 03-30-2010 06:30 PM

Yeah I wasn't planning on keeping her in the tank for long; until she outgrew the tank and needed to be moved to my friends 55.

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