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Silverthorne 03-30-2010 12:20 PM

Butterfly fish!
hey guys.

anyone a fundi on african butterfly's?

I was feeding this evening and I think a tetra and the butterfly went for the same flake! Guess who won?:-(

The cardinal tetra ended face first in the butterfly's mouth with only half sticking out! The butterfly was trashing wildly (which caught my attention) and I stuck my hand in to save the tetra. Well he spat it out but the damage was done, three seconds and the tetra's gills were severed and half torso crunched. I had to euthinase him, severing his spinal cord, because two minutes and he was near the surface obviously not getting any oxygen.

As a rule I know a fish should be too large for him to swallow and I've never witnessed him chasing any fish.
But I have had two fish with mysteriously damages tail fins in the morning over the past few weeks. Now question is, will he develop a taste for live fish and will a female being added intensify a need to hunt?
I have ordered the female but hasn't arrived yet!

Any comments?

Redknee 03-30-2010 12:29 PM

They have been known to nip fins and they are also intolerant of other surface swimers(fish of course).
And they are also carnivorous and predators and might eat small fish BUT they do not venture deep in the tank so as long as the small fish do not go up they are safe.
Feed them insects of all sorts and they will be happy.

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