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AQUAPOD 24 03-29-2010 10:57 PM

Does anyone breed Banggai Cardinals?
Does anyone breed Banggai Cardinals on this site... btw they are a saltwater fish

i just set up a 15 gallon for the 2 parents and a 10 gallon for the fry... now all i need is the fish

bettababy 04-07-2010 03:58 PM

Bangaii cardinals are not so easy to breed, and I would be very surprised to see that happen in a 15 gallon tank. 10 gallons is also not going to be much help in raising cardinal fry.

Bangaii cardinals are mouth brooders, and the fry should be kept and raised with the parents. The smallest tank I would attempt that in would be 30 gallons, and only if they are the only fish in the tank. It is also extremely important to keep water chemistry stable, especially once you notice fry in the mouth of the female. Proper calcium levels are as important as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH, and remember to also monitor general and carbonate hardness. (GH & KH)

If you are starting out with juvenile fish, it may be impossible to sex them until they are adults. The best way to prepare for breeding is to work with as large a tank as possible (75 or more gallons) and a semi to large school of fish... 8 or more cardinals, then when you notice 2 have paired, move them to a 30 gallon breeding tank. They tend to breed best when they are in a school, so if its possible to accommodate that, it makes things much easier.

Sexing bangaii cardinals can be quite difficult, especially if this is something new to you. The males tend to have a longer dorsal fin and slimmer jaw line. If you are starting with adult cardinals, please be aware that just because 1 is male and 1 is female, does not mean they will pair up. It is very similar to pairing freshwater angelfish... start with a group and watch for the pairs to form as they mature and accept each other.

I hope this helps you in your venture at spawning bangaii cardinals. In case you're wondering... yes, I have successfully spawned them but it has been a long time since I did it, so forgive me for not offering every last detail in this post. It isn't a real complicated process if you are set up properly for them and understand their spawning habits. There should be a fair amount of info available online as they are getting more popular for aquarium breeding over the past few yrs.

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